Cannabis Blueprint Review, Viral Cannabis Blueprint SCAM Exposed!

Welcome to our Cannabis Blueprint review and SCAM investigation
Cannabis stocks are on fire, and  the crooks pulling the strings behind the BLACKLISTED Cannabis Blueprint SCAM software and CFD investment platform are not wasting any time! In our detailed Cannabis Blueprint review, we will demonstrate and provide proof of how a group of savvy affiliate marketers and media agencies have invented a fake persona named Dr. Pettle, and are using lies and half-truths in order to promote their filthy get-rich-quick-scheme. You are probably asking yourself why is this happening now. The answer is quite simple. There is much hype around cannabis now because regulation is kicking in and ripe new markets are opening up. What does this mean? A few things, first you must understand that there are crooked Forex and CFD (contract for difference) brokers involved, and they are the ones who are providing the actual trading environment (that’s where you get scammed). When we signed op our broker was XMarkets, which is owned and managed by SG INNOVATION LTD, and has a registered business address in the Marshal Islands. These brokers are in it for the money, and they WILL rob you blind if you don’t know what you are doing. On top of that there are multiple fake Cannabis Blueprint reviews, fake advertisements and infomercials, scammers with fake Facebook profiles and Telegram will also try to cheat you, and various HYIP monitors, cryptocurrency, binary options, and Forex review websites will also try to convince you that you can “generate a massive amount of money” using the Cannabis Blueprint system.

COMPLAINTS: Get ready for SPAM emails marketing, deceptive and misleading advertising, declined withdrawal requests, and overcharging on credit cards.

ViralBitMe is first to expose the Cannabis Blueprint scam software, however there will be others who follow!  So, If for some unknown reason you feel an urge to risk your money and invest through the fraudulent Cannabis Blueprint trading app because you believe it a genuine or legitimate software, then we highly recommend you continue reading our Cannabis Blueprint review because we have proven these liars are trying to cheat you out of your money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
So here we see the primary sales page and registration area for the Cannabis Blueprint scam. You can clearly see how they are using a well-known persona named Leslie Bockscor, to present their pathetic sales pitch and try to convince you that the Cannabis Blueprint is a great way to generate money.

Cannabis Blueprint Registration Area

Here’s another really interesting piece of evidence. If you take a look where it says “leading the way”, you will notice a female doctor which is presented to us as Dr. Pettle (underlined in red). This is the same Doctor which as used in the Green Leaf Fortune SCAM, and in fact she is not a doctor at all. She is an image bank actor, and we found her image on the internet where she is advertised as a “confident doctor posing in a hemp field”.

Cannabis Blueprint Dr. Pettle

And of course the testimonials are totally FAKE! We found out that “Catherine Jones” does not really exist, and her image is plastered all over the internet. The same is true for Mark Anthony Velasquez and Mr. and Mrs. Rosacia.

Cannabis Blueprint Fake Testimonials

We also found some fake news and a bogus advertisement showing how Peter Jones from the Dragons’ Den is investing in a new cash-producing cannabis business venture. When we clicked the links in the fake advertisement we were directed to the Cannabis Blueprint scam software.

Cannabis Blueprint Dragons’ Den

And now for the final piece of the puzzle and last nail in the coffin. When we signed up the broker which was allocated to us was XMarkets, but the post registration was an exact clone and replica of the Cannabis Millionaire and Cannabis Fortune scams. This validates our initial suspicions and proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Cannabis Blueprint scam is a turnkey solution for affiliates and online promoters who wish to plugin to a ready-made system and start peddling their dirty schemes.

Cannabis Blueprint Fake Brokers

What is Cannabis Blueprint and Who Is Dr. Pettle?
Interestingly enough they don’t even say what it is. There is no mention of what software powers the system or how it really works. The success ratio varies according to each of the members presented, and we have already proven that the members are not real. The only thing they mention is CFD trading and how it can leverage potential profits for you. Dr. Pettle is non-existent (proven) and just used in a very manipulative way in order to promote a get-rich-quick scheme.

Cannabis Blueprint Review, Legit Cannabis Stock Trading App Or SCAM?
The whole concept behind Cannabis Blueprint revolves around Dr. Pettle, and they claim she has more than 20 years experience in trading and investing. They also say that her research was featured in various “respected publications”, but we could not find any reference to that. In other words, the scammers are telling everyone this fake doctor is an expert trader and now she is here to help you make millions. This has to be the most moronic sales pitch the staff here at ViralBitMe has ever seen (and we have reviewed more than a couple of scams). There is no proof of winning trades, no back testing, and nothing which indicates how the system looks like and performs. In other words, move on and never look back because this software executes losing trades intentionally and that’s how it steals your money.

Is It Free?
Actually it isn’t. Gaining access to the Cannabis Blueprint scam CFD trading system will cost you at least $/€/£250. That money will be charged to your Visa or Mastercard by thieving offshore brokers like XMarkets.

Fake Cannabis Blueprint Reviews
We have seen multiple fake Cannabis Blueprint reviews on YouTube as well. This is happening because these website owners are getting paid affiliate commissions for endorsing fraudulent software, so stay alert and message us if you are unsure about joining a program.

Still Trust Cannabis Blueprint?
If you still believe the Cannabis Blueprint software is a genuine pot stock trading app then maybe online trading is not for you. We have provided all the information required to prove that it is a scam, so if you still want to risk your money please don’t come back complaining.

A Tested Software
If you are searching for an alternative that actually works, Trade Cannabis Stock is definitely the way to go. Forget about the lies and hyped up claims. Trade Cannabis Stock offers reasonable return on investments without all the hype and lies associated with scams. We put it to the test and it performs as advertised so we are recommending it.

Trade Cannabis Stock

Cannabis Blueprint Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Cannabis Blueprint SCAM software, app, and automated trading platform (AKA Robot) is a Blacklisted get-rich-quick scheme. If you actually read our Cannabis Blueprint review, you would have noticed that the evidence our staff was able to compile is both compelling as well as tangible in the sense that it genuinely reflects the reality of how this ruse is being promoted by clever affiliate marketers these days. The fake news campaigns are also highly deceptive and have tricked victims into investing under false pretenses. So, to recap we are advising all our members and viewers to avoid the Cannabis Blueprint scam and seek alternative investment avenues. Should you require additional information please message us via our contact page.

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