Crypto Advantage Review, Viral Crypto SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Crypto Advantage Review, Is Crypto Advantage SCAM or Legit?
There are many viral crypto scams running rampant on the internet these days, however Crypto Advantage is not one of them! When we started writing our  Crypto Advantage review and investigation it became apparent to us that there are some unique characteristics which differentiate this automated cryptocurrency trading software. We don’t really know anything about Forex and CFD trading, so we sent it out to a professional team of traders at a Forex testing lab, and the results that came in were absolutely shocking. After our initial investment of €500, our software was able to turn a profit of 160% after 4 days on auto-pilot trading. After 2 weeks we were looking at €3,000, and we already spent some of that on a trip to the French Alps. We understand why some of you may find this difficult to believe, and to be quite honest if we didn’t try it ourselves and see the results with our own eyes we wouldn’t believe it either. Furthermore, as long as we are being honest and truthful, its also important to point out that initially we had our mind set on blacklisting the Crypto Advantage software. That’s because we are skeptics by nature and already had the undesired experience of getting scammed by various get-rich-quick schemes like the Bitcoin Revolution. Still, the Crypto Advantage website seemed to be profitable as well as legitimate, so we decided to test the waters and see what its about. Sounds interesting right? You should read our Crypto Advantage review to see exactly how it worked for us and if it can make money for you as well.

Official Crypto Advantage Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Crypto Advantage

What Is  Crypto Advantage?
Crypto Advantage is an automated trading system and investment platform which executes trades on autopilot. It is powered by a robust algorithmic trading formula which is designed to execute trades in the fastest and most efficient manner. The primary asset types are currency pairs such as USD/BTC, BTC/GBP, and ETH/USD. This is a Forex trading app which buys and sells cryptocurrency contracts based on optimal signal settings.

Crypto Advantage Review

It’s also possible to alternate from Auto Trade to manual by selecting the manual trade option as you can see in the image below. The Crypto Advantage software does all the heavy lifting for you, so all you would need to do is sit back and monitor your balance in order to cash out when your balance is sufficient.

Crypto Advantage Software

Is Crypto Advantage a Scam or Not?
Well, the industry standard these days is an SSL encryption protocol. This means that you can see the little lock on your browser bar and your connection is protected as well as private. It also means that the trading protocol is secure and your personal and more importantly your financial information is encrypted and secure. We were also impressed by the level of support and educational material which is provided by the customer service team (specifically Ryan). We were offered investment advise as well as information about how to get started. In other words, our overall experience with the Crypto Advantage app was excellent.

Crypto Advantage Review, Earn Up To $100 Per Hour Or SCAM?
Crypto advantage is a unique automated trading software. Trading signals are a hybrid and produced according to results generated by the most successful traders, coupled with an advanced algorithmic trading formula. Live trades are displayed according to market analysis,and this information is then validated by a team of statisticians and quantitative analysts (AKA quants). This process is referred to internally as signal validation protocol or SVP, and it is done in order to ensure reliability and accuracy of up to 87% ITM (in the money ratio) for each signal provided by the Crypto Advantage app.

Again, all trading is all done for you on auto-pilot and you simply need to activate the system.

I Don’t Know A Thing About Cryptocurrencies, Forex, or Online Trading!
That’s perfectly fine! The Crypto Advantage System is designed for both, amateur as well as more experienced traders. Regardless of your professional background, you will surely be able to generate income using this software. How is this guaranteed? Well nothing is guaranteed besides death an taxes, and of course the signals are not 100% accurate, but they are in the ~87% area which is very cool! The eBook we received also offers a comprehensive brief about various cryptocurrencies and attempts to answer various questions such as how do Bitcoins actually work, how are cryptocurrencies created, is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies? and so on. This information is invaluable, especially for anyone just starting out exclusively with the Crypto Advantage software. So if you believe in crypto, this is your chance to get in!

How to Join Crypto Advantage?
Getting started only requires a few easy steps. First you need to fill in the registration form which is prominently displayed on the website, and after that you would need to fund an trading account in order to activate the software and start trading. There are various ways you can trade. The first is on auto-pilot, the second is manual trading, and the last option is to activate “canned” or ready-made strategies such as stochastic, Bolinger, Trend, or SAR. We don’t recommend using these strategies as they are designed for more advanced traders.

Any way you look at it, you will be taking advantage of premium algorithmic trading systems which are offered to you at no extra cost just by funding a real money trading account with the  Crypto Advantage software.

Crypto Advantage Review, Summary, and Conclusions!
Some have asked, is Crypto Advantage SCAM which should be blacklisted? Our Crypto Advantage review proves without a doubt that Crypto Advantage is a legitimate trading tool which performs as advertised and for that reason has received much praise and endorsement from industry-leading review sites. In a nutshell, if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the authenticity of the Crypto Advantage software then you need to set them aside because we were able to churn out a sizable income consistently using this system.

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