Bit Prime AI Review 2023: Is Bit Prime AI SCAM Or Legit?
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Bit Prime AI Review 2023: Is Bit Prime AI SCAM Or Legit?

Bit Prime AI Review: Real Auto-Pilot Trading?

Auto-pilot trading is one of the latest tools for everyday people to invest their money effectively. However, it’s not always easy to tell which trading app is right for you. We take a deep dive into Bit Prime AI’s app to let you know whether they’re the auto-pilot trading solution for you.

Official Bit Prime AI Website, Login Page, And Registration Area:

The Quick Fix on Bit Prime AI

If you don’t have time for our full review, you should check out these key points about Bit Prime AI’s auto-pilot trading app.

  • The Bit Prime AI scam-free app uses advanced algorithms to generate consistent profits for traders.
  • Their app lets you set your preferred risk tolerance to control your trading strategy.
  • Getting started is easy, and you enjoy a reliable platform with no hidden fees.

These key details make Bit Prime AI a great choice if you’re interested in auto-pilot trading. Read on for more information about the features you can take advantage of with Bit Prime AI.

Can I Make Money on Auto-Pilot?

You should always be careful about how you invest – so taking a moment to think about auto-pilot trading is perfectly understandable. The simple fact is that automated trading can deliver better results than most human investors.

When it comes to generating consistent profits on the market, your gut intuition isn’t going to cut it. Real trading relies on indicators, historical trends, and algorithms. Automated trading can account for all these factors and do it practically instantly, giving you the competitive edge you need to profit.

Bit Prime AI Website

How Does Bit Prime AI Handle Auto-Pilot Trading?

Bit Prime AI provides a streamlined and intuitive app for traders to take advantage of its advanced trading algorithms. These algorithms are developed by experts in both finance and coding, creating a robust system that delivers actual results.

Bit Prime AI relies on three unique data sets running in parallel to ensure consistent results. This lets them create a unique stop-loss feature that delivers automated risk management. You can enjoy the benefits of auto-pilot trading while minimizing your overall investment risk.

What Can I Invest in With Bit Prime AI?

Many auto-pilot trading platforms are highly restrictive in the assets they offer. You’ll find that they only provide algorithms suited to a particular niche. Bit Prime AI, on the other hand, has an extensive range of assets, with their system finely tuned for optimal results in each category.

Bit Prime AI Signals

They offer over 260 assets. You’ll be able to choose crypto, forex, shares, indices, and commodities. This significantly opens up your potential profits, allowing the auto-pilot trading app to capitalize on trends across multiple markets.

How Much Does Bit Prime AI Cost?

Of course, one of the most critical factors in any investment is the costs and fees associated with the platform. You can quickly lose money if you don’t get good terms. Bit Prime AI provides excellent trading terms with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re trading.

Their app has adopted a model in which all parties benefit. They derive their profits from the precision of their algorithm without impacting your profits. Compared to other platforms with excessive spreads and hidden fees. In this Bit Prime AI review we can honestly say that it provides incredible value for users.

Getting Started With Bit Prime AI

Signing up with Bit Prime AI is a fast and straightforward process. You can create your account with minimal information requirements. You may need to go through phone verification, as is standard procedure for all trading apps.

Step 1: Registration. In some cases phone verification is needed to activate the app so make sure to enter your correct details.

Step 2: Funding. Fund your trading account via the cashier section of the software.

Step 3: Trading. Start trading and generating profits.



Once you do sign up, you can fund your account through a variety of different methods. Bit Prime AI accepts credit card payments and lets you fund your account using Bitcoin. Once you deposit your funds, you can start auto-pilot trading.

How Much Control Do I Have Over Auto-Pilot Trading?

The key benefit of auto-pilot trading is that you can rely on the algorithms to generate profits without needing to study the markets. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have control over your trades.

When you start trading with Bit Prime AI, you can set your risk tolerance. Higher risk tolerances can provide faster profits and involve more aggressive trades. Conservative investing still provides steady income over time while also providing increased security. You can adjust your risk at any time.

Bit Prime AI Review: Conclusions and Helpful Tips

Auto-pilot trading is an effective strategy when you work with the right platform. With a unique approach developed by finance and coding experts, the Bit Prime AI scam-free app delivers a highly profitable trading solution. Getting started today could have you making real profits before you know it.

  • This review was performed by Derrek Mermelstein. Derek is a full time retail Forex trader. Derek also has a degree in Statistics from the London School of Economics.

Easy Trade App Review, Viral Easy Trade App SCAM Or Cash Machine?

Hello and welcome to our Easy Trade App review. You are a smart and inquisitive person, and for that reason you are asking yourself is Easy Trade App scam or legit investment platform. Well, we checked (a lot), and whilst our visceral or knee-jerk reaction was to BLACKLIST the Easy Trade App, we understood fairly quickly that we may be a bit too presumptuous. So, we started to conduct an initial test and invested €300. Suddenly, it became apparent to us that this little machine packs a punch and delivers results consistently. But really, don’t take our word for it, Easy Trade App has become the official darling of about 50 financial review sites, and they are all drooling over this promising new automated trading system. Still, we didn’t believe them either so we tried it out ourselves and ended up with €1,698 after putting this baby on auto pilot for three days. Is this a coincidence? We think not, but just in case our assessment was wrong we did some serious sniffing around, and apparently our nose knows. Easy Trade App is probably one of the most profitable trading systems which is being marketed these days.

So WHAT Did We Check? We looked for the usual crowd of sleazy affiliate networks, complaints by disgruntled day-traders, or anything which could associate Easy Trade App with any form of fraudulent activity like money laundering, credit card fraud, or tax evasion. We also checked out the broker which was assigned to us, they we super professional and had a license in Cyprus and Estonia which means they are on the legit section of Forex and CFD’s. So yes, the Easy Trade App scam-free software is quite the flavor or the month so we are recommending it for sure. We also think you should read the rest of our Easy Trade App review to see exactly what you are getting into and why we believe it is a superb trading app.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Easy Trade App

Easy Trade App Review: The Short Explanation
Easy Trade App is an automated trading system which executes trades on auto pilot. It trades (buys and sells) crypto currencies, stocks, commodities, Forex, and Indices.

Easy Trade App Registration Area

What Is Easy Trade App and How Does It Work?

The Easy Trade App scam free software uses advanced trading algorithms to analyze market trends and generate automated signals. The app accesses over 170 assets and purchases contracts according to competitive market rates.

Easy Trade App Review, The Long Version With Details
As the saying goes “money talks”, so we decided to actually invest using the Easy Trade App system. Immediately we understood that we were handed they keys to a top performing algorithmic trading platform, and that was due to 3 main reasons. First, the broker which was assigned to us was very professional, courteous, and NOT pushy. Secondly, after we activated auto-trade the app went to work right away and started executing trades on automatically. It started off trading BTC/USD and then moved on to EUR/BTC and USD/CAD. We were very curious so we kept watching the screen and monitored the success ratio. The results were nothing less than shocking, out of 27 trades the software took 3 losses and generated a profit of around €500 during the first day of trading. Now, we know for some of you this may not seem like much, but try asking yourself how much you have to work to generate that type of income? To top it off, we messaged the support desk and were promptly advised in regards to our withdrawal request.

Easy Trade App Review: Mobile and Navigation Testing
Easy Trade App is mobile friendly and does not require you download anything. That navigation is very user-friendly, and trading environment is also super simple and easy to understand. Easy Trade App works on all three main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

Ongoing Performance Check
Our initial €300 investment yielded an astounding €1,698 balance. So if you take out the initial sum the ROI is ~400% which was achieved after 3-4 business days. We are constantly monitoring this software to make sure performance levels stay or at minimum remain profitable. We had to send some ID and sign a form, once that was done we got our money, it took about 3 days without the weekend.

Special or Differentiating Features?
You can use the risk tolerance indicators in order to adjust the level of risk. You have Classic which is low risk, Fibonacci, and Martingale which is high risk level. But we always recommend just using the auto-trade feature, especially if you are just starting out.

Easy Trade App Risk Indicators

Can I Really Make Money Using Easy Trade App Or Is Easy Trade App SCAM?

Well, the short answer is a resounding yes. You can generate passive income using the Easy Trade App scam free software, and that is a confirmed fact. We tested it ourselves and are giving it two thumbs up and there’s not much more that can be said about that. We were doubtful as well when we started out, but very quickly we realized this software is the real thing.

Getting Started With Easy Trade App
It’s really quite easy as the name would suggest. You signup, fund the account, and activate auto trade. Nothing to fancy, just a straight forward process which takes about 3 minutes to complete and you are on your way.

Easy Trade App Get Started

Easy Trade App Review, Summary, and Our Conclusions
The Easy Trade App scam free investment platform is probably one of the leading automated trading systems available online today for anyone wanting to get started in the online trading niche and generate passive income. We have seen our share of get-rich-quick schemes, but Easy Trade App does not answer to this criteria. The level of transparency, clarity, and professionalism displayed by everyone involved directly or indirectly with the Easy Trade App is top notch (not to mention its very profitable). For these reasons we are going out on a limb and actually recommending this software to our members and viewers. If you have a difference of opinion or feel our Easy Trade App review is not accurate, please make sure to message us via our contact page and we shall revert promptly.


SnapCash Binary Review, SCAM Or Legit Snapcash Binary App?

SnapCash Binary Review and Scam Investigation – Blacklisted Or Legit Trading  App?

Have you heard of SnapCash Binary by Austin Ford? Well we have, and we took this baby out for a test drive! Yep, we checked it thoroughly out and found out that the automated trading software by Austin Ford is indeed a genuine trading platform that generates profits consistently!

SnapCash Binary is very much endorsed by leading members of the online trading community and with good reason. It appears this software has been around for a while and seems to deliver as promised day in and day out. This system has been revamped, updated, and adapted to meet the requirements of Forex and Cryptocurrency markets, but the results are the same as always at 87% success. This means you are in the safe zone and as long as you activate the trading software you will be in profit mode.

Official SnapCash Binary Website and Registration Page: Snapcash Binary

Is SnapCash Binary Scam Or Legit?
This software is totally genuine and 100% legitimate. We have also looked at certain reports where some sites mentioned it was outdated, and saw for ourselves that it is updated for 2019. In a nutshell, keep reading our informative Snapcash Binary Review and see how you can benefit from this profitable trading app.

Snapcash Binary Registration Area

Who Is Austin Ford?
Ford is a computer programmer who got into some “weird and fascinating” areas of the internet when he started programming automated trading protocols for various apps. He noticed that with a slight adjustment, signals were able to generate about $1,200 on a daily basis. So he made a decision to automated the software and make it available for the public.

SnapCash Binary Review: How Does SnapCash Binary Work?
The system is a recommendation signal format. This means after you signup and fund a trading account, the automated software will buy or sell contracts for you on auto-pilot. There is also a manual trading mode if you wish to have more control over your trades. Ford very plainly mentions that the potential to generate massive amounts of money is very high, since all traders use the software and the data is accumulative and aggregated. In other words, the software examines the information as a whole and not in pieces as other systems do.

Realistic Claims Or Just More Hype?
SnapCash Binary has an average winning rate of around 87%. This is exactly the type of ratio we like to see, and not the “no-risk” or 100% guaranteed win type of SCAM which is so obvious.

Genuine Automated Trading Algorithm
The software was developed by Austin Ford and is proprietary. We have tested it ourselves and it is extremely profitable and easy to use.

Snapcash Binary Signals

Stats And Figures
95% of all trading apps generate losing trades. In the money trades account for about 4% of all the contracts which are bought and sold over the internet via Forex and CFD brokers. Which the concept of Snapcash may seem old, it is conservative and steady in terms of stock value (see image below for NYSE SNAP Stock).


Real Testimonials
All the testimonials by real people, and this has been double checked and confirmed. So this is one very clear indication that the SnapCash Binary SCAM Free software is genuine.

Exaggerated Claims of Easy Money?
We don’t see any of that, but we do see approved withdrawals and very helpful staff. There are always some people that complain but for the most part we could not find any issues with the software.

SnapCash Binary  Review: Julian Assange
Some websites say that Julian Assange is somehow connected SnapCash Binary, but that is just a lie and they are saying that to grab attention so don’t believe it.

Snapcash Binary Get Started

Snapcash Binary Review Summary and Conclusions – Approved, Not Blacklisted!
We would like to clearly say here that the Snapcash Binary scam-free software by Austin Ford is a truly legit and authentic piece of automated trading technology. After conducting in-depth research and analysis we have discovered that the SnapCash Binary software is very much functional, updated for 2019, easy to use, and generates profits consistently. Factually speaking, this app has to be one of the best automated trading systems our staff has ever come researched. Given these facts we are currently advising our viewers that Snapcash Binary is a reputable trading platform and fully endorsed. If  you happen to have a different opinion, just leave a detailed message below.


Trade Cannabis Stock Review, Viral SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Trade Cannabis Stock Review and SCAM Investigation.
Is Trade Cannabis Stock SCAM or legit trading software? Finding a genuine cannabis trading app is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. However, as our Trade Cannabis Stock Review will show, this time we picked a winner. We have recently reviewed various pot stock scams, all of them claiming to make you a millionaire overnight. These types of get-rich-quick schemes are promoted by affiliate networks and media agencies such as Offer Vault of Click Bank, hence the growing amounts of complaints we received. We have also pointed out that the alarming trend of fake Cannabis CFD software trading systems is on the rise due to regulatory developments in Canada and the United States. All this news creates much hype, and greedy scammers understand how to muster these little tidbits of information and repackage them in a very believable and deceptive manner. So, if you have read some fake review, or have been exposed a a fake news advertisement about a new and profitable marijuana stock trading system, we invite you to read our Trade Cannabis Stock Review, and see for yourself how a legitimate automated pot-stock trading app is able to generate profits consistently.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Critical Update: We are now recommending a better alternative named Cannabis Revolution. After testing it we have seen outstanding results so we are advising our members to try it and start profiting on auto pilot from an amazing cannabis trading software!

Executive Overview
Trade Cannabis Stock is a fully automated cannabis trading system which trades Cannabis stock shares via CFD’s. In layman’s terms, once you signup you are referred to a designated trading arena where you can purchase Cannabis CFD shares such as Canopy and Aphria, and the app will trade these assets for you automatically without you having to lift a finger.

Trade Cannabis Stock Registration Area

What Is Trade Cannabis Stock and How Does It Work?
As mentioned previously, Trade Cannabis Stock is a cannabis trading robot. It automatically buys or sells cannabis CFD contracts based on an algorithmic configuration which is optimized on the fly. It works by sampling the collective trades of all customers and generates winning trades based on predictive analysis. In other words, it harnesses the intelligence of the masses and based on that executes winning trades.

What Are Cannabis CFDs?
Cannabis CFDs are contracts which are bought and sold based on your understanding of how they will expire. Namely below or above the resistance line. This means if you purchase a CFD which expires at a given time as you predicted, you stand to make a lot of money. Cannabis CFDs are simpler to manage and less risky in the short term especially if you use automated trading systems.

Trade Cannabis Stock Review – Scam Or Profitable CFD Trading Robot?
Trade Cannabis Stock is an automated trading system which executes trades on Cannabis CFDs without any form of human intervention. The software is extremely user-friendly, and 87-88% of the signals which are generated end up being profitable or in the money.

Trade Cannabis Stock Signals

The software also has the option of manual trading, or choosing from a list of strategies which are ready made for you such as stochastics, bollinger bands, and trend. The app also trades Forex currency pairs as well as cryptocurrencies such as BTC/USD, and ETH/EUR. Its also possible to manage your risk by choosing the investment amount on each trade you wish to take.

*Minimum deposit amounts are $/£/€250, but if you wish to generate profits faster try depositing at least $/£/€500.

Is Trade Cannabis Stock Scam Or Not?
We have tested the software ourselves, and it has proven to be an extremely profitable system. In a period of around 8 days and an initial investment of €500, our staff has been able to quadruple the amount and achieve a balance of €2,000. If you want to see screenshots from our account which prove it, please message us via our contact page.

Unique Differentiating Features
As of now, there are no Cannabis Stock robots which trade CFD’s on autopilot. Trade Cannabis Stock is the first one to do so, but not only that. You can also diversify your investment portfolio and start trading Forex and cryptocurrencies as well. So there you have it, its the perfect system for less than perfect times.

A Bit of Basic Financials and Stock Talk
Cannabis stock is not only flying high, its on fire. Anyone reading the news or listening to TV immediately understands this. This is happening due to regulatory easing which prompted massive investments in the niches of medical and recreational marijuana. A simple check reveals that the Canopy Growth Corp NYSE CGC is going through the roof (and with good reason)

Trade Cannabis Stock Canopy Growth Corp

The legal weed market is just booming, and Canopy is just one example. We have consulted with professional investors in leading agencies, and know for a fact that there is massive money being poured into online cannabis dispensaries, hemp farms, and lots of legal dollars being spent as well. This means we are at the forefront of a cannabis revolution, and as is the case with everything else, the first ones to get in are the ones who make the most.

Getting Started With Trade Cannabis Stock
Essentially getting started involves a simple three-step process.

  1. Signup.
  2. Fund a trading account
  3. Activate the Trade Cannabis Stock software and let the software do the work.

It  doesn’t get any easier than that!

Trade Cannabis Stock – Get Started

Trade Cannabis Stock Review, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips That Work
We were already asked about the so-called “Trade Cannabis Stock scam”, and of course we advised our readers that that there is no room for concern. Unlike the Cannabis Millionaire or Weed Millionaire scams which we blacklisted, Trade Cannabis Stock is not only innovative in what it has to offer, but also excels at providing consistent results and produces documented figures that would put to shame any professional investment firm. Overall we are giving the Trade Cannabis Stock investment platform our official endorsement and wholeheartedly advising our members to join this program and start raking in the profits. Should you have additional questions or need additional proof or evidence of profitable execution, please leave a message via our contact page.


Crypto Advantage Review, Viral Crypto SCAM Or Legit Trading App?

Crypto Advantage Review, Is Crypto Advantage SCAM or Legit?
There are many viral crypto scams running rampant on the internet these days, however Crypto Advantage is not one of them! When we started writing our  Crypto Advantage review and investigation it became apparent to us that there are some unique characteristics which differentiate this automated cryptocurrency trading software. We don’t really know anything about Forex and CFD trading, so we sent it out to a professional team of traders at a Forex testing lab, and the results that came in were absolutely shocking. After our initial investment of €500, our software was able to turn a profit of 160% after 4 days on auto-pilot trading. After 2 weeks we were looking at €3,000, and we already spent some of that on a trip to the French Alps. We understand why some of you may find this difficult to believe, and to be quite honest if we didn’t try it ourselves and see the results with our own eyes we wouldn’t believe it either. Furthermore, as long as we are being honest and truthful, its also important to point out that initially we had our mind set on blacklisting the Crypto Advantage software. That’s because we are skeptics by nature and already had the undesired experience of getting scammed by various get-rich-quick schemes like the Bitcoin Revolution. Still, the Crypto Advantage website seemed to be profitable as well as legitimate, so we decided to test the waters and see what its about. Sounds interesting right? You should read our Crypto Advantage review to see exactly how it worked for us and if it can make money for you as well.

Official Crypto Advantage Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Crypto Advantage

What Is  Crypto Advantage?
Crypto Advantage is an automated trading system and investment platform which executes trades on autopilot. It is powered by a robust algorithmic trading formula which is designed to execute trades in the fastest and most efficient manner. The primary asset types are currency pairs such as USD/BTC, BTC/GBP, and ETH/USD. This is a Forex trading app which buys and sells cryptocurrency contracts based on optimal signal settings.

Crypto Advantage Review

It’s also possible to alternate from Auto Trade to manual by selecting the manual trade option as you can see in the image below. The Crypto Advantage software does all the heavy lifting for you, so all you would need to do is sit back and monitor your balance in order to cash out when your balance is sufficient.

Crypto Advantage Software

Is Crypto Advantage a Scam or Not?
Well, the industry standard these days is an SSL encryption protocol. This means that you can see the little lock on your browser bar and your connection is protected as well as private. It also means that the trading protocol is secure and your personal and more importantly your financial information is encrypted and secure. We were also impressed by the level of support and educational material which is provided by the customer service team (specifically Ryan). We were offered investment advise as well as information about how to get started. In other words, our overall experience with the Crypto Advantage app was excellent.

Crypto Advantage Review, Earn Up To $100 Per Hour Or SCAM?
Crypto advantage is a unique automated trading software. Trading signals are a hybrid and produced according to results generated by the most successful traders, coupled with an advanced algorithmic trading formula. Live trades are displayed according to market analysis,and this information is then validated by a team of statisticians and quantitative analysts (AKA quants). This process is referred to internally as signal validation protocol or SVP, and it is done in order to ensure reliability and accuracy of up to 87% ITM (in the money ratio) for each signal provided by the Crypto Advantage app.

Again, all trading is all done for you on auto-pilot and you simply need to activate the system.

I Don’t Know A Thing About Cryptocurrencies, Forex, or Online Trading!
That’s perfectly fine! The Crypto Advantage System is designed for both, amateur as well as more experienced traders. Regardless of your professional background, you will surely be able to generate income using this software. How is this guaranteed? Well nothing is guaranteed besides death an taxes, and of course the signals are not 100% accurate, but they are in the ~87% area which is very cool! The eBook we received also offers a comprehensive brief about various cryptocurrencies and attempts to answer various questions such as how do Bitcoins actually work, how are cryptocurrencies created, is it possible to trade cryptocurrencies? and so on. This information is invaluable, especially for anyone just starting out exclusively with the Crypto Advantage software. So if you believe in crypto, this is your chance to get in!

How to Join Crypto Advantage?
Getting started only requires a few easy steps. First you need to fill in the registration form which is prominently displayed on the website, and after that you would need to fund an trading account in order to activate the software and start trading. There are various ways you can trade. The first is on auto-pilot, the second is manual trading, and the last option is to activate “canned” or ready-made strategies such as stochastic, Bolinger, Trend, or SAR. We don’t recommend using these strategies as they are designed for more advanced traders.

Any way you look at it, you will be taking advantage of premium algorithmic trading systems which are offered to you at no extra cost just by funding a real money trading account with the  Crypto Advantage software.

Crypto Advantage Review, Summary, and Conclusions!
Some have asked, is Crypto Advantage SCAM which should be blacklisted? Our Crypto Advantage review proves without a doubt that Crypto Advantage is a legitimate trading tool which performs as advertised and for that reason has received much praise and endorsement from industry-leading review sites. In a nutshell, if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the authenticity of the Crypto Advantage software then you need to set them aside because we were able to churn out a sizable income consistently using this system.

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