Cannabis Fortune Review, Viral Cannabis Fortune SCAM Exposed!

Another fake pot stock and get-rich-quick scheme just launched, and this time greedy scammers are naming it Cannabis Fortune (not to be confused with Cannabis Fortune Cookies). So what exactly is this trading software, and is Cannabis Fortune scam or legit investment platform? Our detailed  Cannabis Fortune review will explain if you can really “make a fast fortune from Million Dollar Marijuana Stocks” or not. OK, so we’re not going to beat around the bush, or try to sell you the idea that Cannabis Fortune is a genuine trading system. The facts speak for themselves, and we BLACKLISTED Cannabis Fortune primarily because we started to receive complaints, but also because we actually signed up and tested the software. Suffice it to say, we ended up losing our initial investment (big surprise). After about 1 hour we had some rude sales reps profusely phoning us and claiming they represent a broker dubiously named “Hybrid Reserve” which is owned and managed by a company named SingleBell LTD and has a registered business address in the Marshall Islands.

OK, so let’s start connecting the dots and try to understand why you are obviously being invited to join a scam. First, it’s no secret that Cannabis Stocks are doing extremely well, and there is much media hype around various stocks such as Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Cronos. This is happening because cannabis is being legalized across North America, and the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in gaining legitimacy as well as recognition from politicians and big businesses. The scammers (affiliate marketers and media agencies) are very much aware of this trend and are riding this so-called “Cannabis wave of success”, only they are adding their own nasty little twist. You will be advised that “you can purchase CFDs” or a contract for difference. This is double talk for Forex, and while its true that CFD’s are easier to understand and potentially much more profitable than stock, the risk factor is high so unless you have access to the best possible software or professional guidance you had best stay away. Its also important to point out that there is a huge fake news campaign which is active RIGHT NOW. Savvy online promoters are using the cast of the Dragons’ Den, as well as reputation of wealth gurus like Elon Musk and Richard Branson to peddle their filthy cannabis scams.

So if for some reason you are under the impression that Cannabis Fortune is a trustworthy program, we highly recommend you continue reading our Cannabis Fortune review because we exposed these crooks and their dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you will see the primary sales page and registration area for the Cannabis Fortune scam system. Immediately you can see the hyped up claims about making a fast fortune and becoming a millionaire trading marijuana stocks.

Cannabis Fortune Registration Area

Now here we have proof that Cannabis Fortune us actually a clone and replica of the Weed Millionaire and the Weed Profit system. A quick look will show that the “How It Works” section is a copy/paste of the scams we mentioned.

Cannabis Fortune Cloned Scam

And now we are looking at evidence of a chain scam, which is a kind of production line scam that’s used as a copy/paste solution for affiliate marketers and advertising agencies looking to plugin to a ready-made automated trading solution (AKA Cannabis Bot). For those of you who have not signed up or are not familiar with these systems, what you are looking at below is the post-registration page for the Cannabis Fortune software. This is the same popup we received when we tested Cannabis Millionaire and Cannabis Software. In other words, what you are looking at here is a smoking gun and live proof that this is a copied scam and the only thing which changes is the broker, logo, and color scheme.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Brokers

Cannabis Fortune Dragons’ Den
This fake news add is constantly being recycled by the same ripoff artists, and it portrays members of the Dragons’ Den. In fact, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden are constantly being used for these types of scams and they have made their opinions known in this context.

Cannabis Fortune Dragons’ Den

Cannabis Fortune Fake Testimonials
As we mentioned previously in our Cannabis Fortune Review, the whole testimonial section is copied right out of the Weed Millionaire scam. The illustration below is a “side-by-side” type of comparison which proves exactly what these cheaters did and how they operate.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Testimonials

What is Cannabis Fortune and How Does It Work?
The Cannabis Fortune scam is a get-rich-quick cannabis scheme which promises to make you a millionaire overnight. In reality, what happens after you signup is something completely different. You practically get mauled by rude sales reps with strange accents who only care about getting their dirty little fingers on your credit cared details and stealing your money!

Cannabis Fortune Review – 99.7% Accuracy Level Or SCAM?
According to the Cannabis Fortune scam sales pitch, Cannabis penny stocks are about to go through the roof, and right now is your chance to get in on the action before its too late. The ripoff artists pulling the strings behind the fraudulent Cannabis Fortune software would have you believe that their system allows you to generate passive income on auto-pilot if you signup for their dirty app. However, Cannabis Fortune has nothing to do with marijuana penny stocks, and while its true that the software generates trading signals they are LOSING signals (confirmed).

Additionally, there is no way in the world Cannabis Fortune has a 99.7% accuracy level, because that would mean almost every trade is in the money (successful). So that’s a blatant lie, and so is the rubbish about being deadly accurate, having a “bullet-proof” technology, and especially about easy withdrawals.

Is It Free?
No way! Get ready to part with at least £/€/$250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers such as Hybrid Reserve.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Reviews
Oh yes, this is a very alarming development and very distressing. Fake reviews sites are endorsing Cannabis Fortune and telling everyone how profitable it is. They are doing it in order to collect their commission paychecks, because they are affiliate marketers and get paid referral money (hence the conflict of interest). So if you are unsure or hesitant, please leave a message via our contact page.

Still Trust Cannabis Fortune?
If you still believe Cannabis Fortune is a genuine marijuana stock trading app, then you failed to understand how dangerous this fraudulent investment platform really is. Online stock trading is probably not for you, so please consider alternative ways to generate income.

A Viable Option
Our staff is constantly searching the internet for reputable trading apps which generate income consistently. Once such system is Trade Cannabis Stock, and we are constantly using it to generate revenue, so take a minute to check it out!

Trade Cannabis Stock

Cannabis Fortune Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Cannabis Fortune SCAM software, app, and fake marijuana penny stock trading robot is a BLACKLISTED get-rich-quick scheme. The crooks behind this operation are well-known and have a terrible reputation for defrauding unsuspecting customers and opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legitimate trading app. Again, in light of the overwhelming evidence our staff was able to produce, we urge our viewers and members to avoid the Cannabis Fortune scam and seek alternative investment opportunities. Should you have any additional questions or queries, please message us via our contact page.

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