Easy Trade App Review, Viral Easy Trade App SCAM Or Cash Machine?

Hello and welcome to our Easy Trade App review. You are a smart and inquisitive person, and for that reason you are asking yourself is Easy Trade App scam or legit investment platform. Well, we checked (a lot), and whilst our visceral or knee-jerk reaction was to BLACKLIST the Easy Trade App, we understood fairly quickly that we may be a bit too presumptuous. So, we started to conduct an initial test and invested €300. Suddenly, it became apparent to us that this little machine packs a punch and delivers results consistently. But really, don’t take our word for it, Easy Trade App has become the official darling of about 50 financial review sites, and they are all drooling over this promising new automated trading system. Still, we didn’t believe them either so we tried it out ourselves and ended up with €1,698 after putting this baby on auto pilot for three days. Is this a coincidence? We think not, but just in case our assessment was wrong we did some serious sniffing around, and apparently our nose knows. Easy Trade App is probably one of the most profitable trading systems which is being marketed these days.

So WHAT Did We Check? We looked for the usual crowd of sleazy affiliate networks, complaints by disgruntled day-traders, or anything which could associate Easy Trade App with any form of fraudulent activity like money laundering, credit card fraud, or tax evasion. We also checked out the broker which was assigned to us, they we super professional and had a license in Cyprus and Estonia which means they are on the legit section of Forex and CFD’s. So yes, the Easy Trade App scam-free software is quite the flavor or the month so we are recommending it for sure. We also think you should read the rest of our Easy Trade App review to see exactly what you are getting into and why we believe it is a superb trading app.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Easy Trade App

Easy Trade App Review: The Short Explanation
Easy Trade App is an automated trading system which executes trades on auto pilot. It trades (buys and sells) crypto currencies, stocks, commodities, Forex, and Indices.

Easy Trade App Registration Area

What Is Easy Trade App and How Does It Work?

The Easy Trade App scam free software uses advanced trading algorithms to analyze market trends and generate automated signals. The app accesses over 170 assets and purchases contracts according to competitive market rates.

Easy Trade App Review, The Long Version With Details
As the saying goes “money talks”, so we decided to actually invest using the Easy Trade App system. Immediately we understood that we were handed they keys to a top performing algorithmic trading platform, and that was due to 3 main reasons. First, the broker which was assigned to us was very professional, courteous, and NOT pushy. Secondly, after we activated auto-trade the app went to work right away and started executing trades on automatically. It started off trading BTC/USD and then moved on to EUR/BTC and USD/CAD. We were very curious so we kept watching the screen and monitored the success ratio. The results were nothing less than shocking, out of 27 trades the software took 3 losses and generated a profit of around €500 during the first day of trading. Now, we know for some of you this may not seem like much, but try asking yourself how much you have to work to generate that type of income? To top it off, we messaged the support desk and were promptly advised in regards to our withdrawal request.

Easy Trade App Review: Mobile and Navigation Testing
Easy Trade App is mobile friendly and does not require you download anything. That navigation is very user-friendly, and trading environment is also super simple and easy to understand. Easy Trade App works on all three main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

Ongoing Performance Check
Our initial €300 investment yielded an astounding €1,698 balance. So if you take out the initial sum the ROI is ~400% which was achieved after 3-4 business days. We are constantly monitoring this software to make sure performance levels stay or at minimum remain profitable. We had to send some ID and sign a form, once that was done we got our money, it took about 3 days without the weekend.

Special or Differentiating Features?
You can use the risk tolerance indicators in order to adjust the level of risk. You have Classic which is low risk, Fibonacci, and Martingale which is high risk level. But we always recommend just using the auto-trade feature, especially if you are just starting out.

Easy Trade App Risk Indicators

Can I Really Make Money Using Easy Trade App Or Is Easy Trade App SCAM?

Well, the short answer is a resounding yes. You can generate passive income using the Easy Trade App scam free software, and that is a confirmed fact. We tested it ourselves and are giving it two thumbs up and there’s not much more that can be said about that. We were doubtful as well when we started out, but very quickly we realized this software is the real thing.

Getting Started With Easy Trade App
It’s really quite easy as the name would suggest. You signup, fund the account, and activate auto trade. Nothing to fancy, just a straight forward process which takes about 3 minutes to complete and you are on your way.

Easy Trade App Get Started

Easy Trade App Review, Summary, and Our Conclusions
The Easy Trade App scam free investment platform is probably one of the leading automated trading systems available online today for anyone wanting to get started in the online trading niche and generate passive income. We have seen our share of get-rich-quick schemes, but Easy Trade App does not answer to this criteria. The level of transparency, clarity, and professionalism displayed by everyone involved directly or indirectly with the Easy Trade App is top notch (not to mention its very profitable). For these reasons we are going out on a limb and actually recommending this software to our members and viewers. If you have a difference of opinion or feel our Easy Trade App review is not accurate, please make sure to message us via our contact page and we shall revert promptly.

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