Cannabis Wealth Scam Cloned Cannabis Wealth Scam App Exposed

Welcome to our Cannabis Wealth Review and Detailed SCAM Investigation
Pot Stocks are going through the roof and the greedy scammers behind the Cannabis Wealth SCAM CFD trading platform are exploiting all the media hype and baiting unsuspecting victims looking to cash in on a genuine cannabis investment software. “Cannabis Wealth” by Jacob Walters the Fake CEO is more than a simple term, it is the name of the latest Cannabis CFD SCAM which is now being launched by multiple affiliate networks and media agencies whose sole purpose is to get you signed up and depositing funds with an unlicensed offshore broker like WiseBanc which has a registered business address in the Marshal Islands.

So you are probably asking yourself “Why Am I Being Targeted?” The answer is simple, the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is making major headlines on the mainstream media across the world, and scammers are not oblivious to these trends. They will exploit this information and manipulate the facts in a way which best suits them. What does that really mean? Brace yourself and get ready to be spammed with various fake cannabis offers and get-rich-quick schemes offering you and easy way to become a millionaire overnight. You will also be exposed to a barrage of fake news stories as well as fake reviews from various affiliate websites such as (but not restricted to) HYIP monitors, binary options, cryptocurrencies, stocks, business opportunities, work from home, MLM, and Forex/CFDs. They will all speak praise and endorse various cannabis investment platforms such as the Cannabis Wealth SCAM citing fake claims and making unsubstantiated claims about how easy it is to generate massive wealth very quickly using this “profitable new system”. But we know better and we shall expose their dirty little tricks!

It’s also critical to point out that Cannabis Wealth is a cloned app and a facsimile copy of the Weed Millionaire system. We will explain this in detail and provide an explanation as to why we reached this dire conclusion. So if all of this is starting to sound like you are being setup to take a fall then you would be correct. We actually invested using the Cannabis Wealth app, and the facts speak for themselves. Want to see why we blacklisted this system? Keep reading our informative Cannabis Wealth review and see why customers are complaining!

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM and Malice
Below you will see the main sales page and registration area for the Cannabis Wealth app. You can see where it says “generate an instant daily $1,838 payday in stock markets legalized cannabis”.

Cannabis Wealth Registration Area

In that same exact sales page we found a picture of Jacob Walters who claims he is the CEO of Cannabis Wealth. However, a quick check revealed that Jacob is really an image bank actor and his picture is posted all over the internet (see proof below).

Cannabis Wealth Jacob Walters

If this isn’t enough, the whole testimonial section is forged and totally fabricated. We attached a screenshot taken from the Cannabis Wealth website and it is very plain to see that there is not one single genuine testimonial listed as a legitimate point of reference.

Cannabis Wealth Fake Testimonials

Here we have the Cannabis Wealth software. We previously mentioned that Cannabis Wealth is a cloned app, and here you can see for yourself that the scammers are using the same software, just branding it differently and using different graphic design. This is because Cannabis Wealth and Weed Millionaire are powered by the same software, which is really a turnkey solution for unethical affiliate marketers and media agencies who want to refer paying customers and get their commission checks. Hence the obvious conflict of interest.

Cannabis Wealth Cloned App

Cannabis Wealth Dragons’ Den

There is also a massive fake news campaign which is active right now. In this campaign the scammers are illegally using the names and reputation of real investors from the Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, as well as other wealth gurus such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson. They are using false advertising tactics in order to make their phony sales pitch more believable, and that is extremely deceptive and misleading so stay on your toes.

Cannabis Wealth Dragons’ Den

SEVERE FRAUD ALERT: Google News Websites Are Promoting The Cannabis Wealth Scam

There are seemingly legitimate websites with a clean and polished look who will talk about legitimate investing opportunities and leverage that in order to sell you this fraudulent cannabis trading software. Don’t believe it and don’t bother signing up despite how convincing their reviews may be. Just stay away and save your money for something that actually works.

What Are CFDs?
CFD’s or contracts for difference are a popular forms of derivative trading. Unlike stocks, CFD trading allows you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of the global financial markets such as indices, commodities, currencies. CFD’s are legitimate trading instruments which are easier to use than stocks, but there is also much risk involved.

What is Cannabis Wealth, How Does It Work, and Who Is Jacob Walters?
Cannabis Wealth is advertised as a kind of system which executes strategies used by successful investors such as Warren Buffett and generates profit 100 Times your income for life. There is no mention or reference to the technology which powers it or any kind of back testing which was done. Walters is presented to us as an experienced CEO from the Hedge Fund industry who sold two companies for the combined sum of $25 Million Dollars. They say he helped Mark Cuban make his first million. In reality this person does not exist and was created for promotional purposes.

Cannabis Wealth Review, $1,838 Daily Or SCAM?
We checked. Cannabis Wealth was NEVER featured at ANY commercial channels in the world and never mentioned by CNN, Forbes, or the Financial Times. In Reality Cannabis Wealth will not execute strategies “from the most successful investors that will guarantee you to 100X your Income for life”. The only thing which is simple and fast is the way the ripoff artists steal your money. Additionally, there is no “immediate Cannabis cash secret” which will generate passive income for you on auto-pilot (it’s a lie). They are saying that you don’t need any education to use this software and there is a mention of the “NASDAQ Loophole”, but it doesn’t provide clear explanations about the loophole other than saying that you will be using a “brilliant revenue system”. In other words, its a complete fraud so don’t invest and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not. You will need to part with at least $/€/£250 if you want to gain access to this filthy app. That money will be charged to your credit card by the thieving broker which was assigned to you.

Some Viable Alternatives. Yes, There Are Some That Actually Work!
We have been approached by various networks and asked to promote their software. However, non of the software they offered managed to produce income consistently as advertised. Still, we were able to find one system that actually delivers as promised. Trade Cannabis Stock is exactly that software and we invite you to check it out and give us your opinion.

Trade Cannabis Stock – Get Started

Cannabis Wealth Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips That Save The Day
The Cannabis Wealth SCAM software, app, and fraudulent trading system is a blacklisted Cannabis SCAM (verified with proof). We are advising all our members to refrain from joining this program recommend you start using a legitimate cannabis trading app as we have made one available to you. Should you have any additional questions or need clarifications, please message us through our contact page.

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