Cannabis Trader Review, Viral Cannabis Trader Scam Exposed!

Cannabis Trader Review and Scam Investigation
“Cannabis Share Values Are Going Through The Roof”, and this is the best time to invest! Or is it? Well, that’s what the greedy scammers at the Cannabis Trader scam software and automated trading app would have you think. But don’t be fooled for a minute, while its true that Cannabis Stock is higher than ever due to regulatory easing, what these ripoff artists are trying to sell you has nothing to do with this recent development. It does however have everything to do with fake Cannabis contracts sold by offshore Forex and CFD brokers (in our case it was a broker named Jones Mutual). What does all this mean? Well, in our detailed Cannabis Trader review we shall examine every aspect of this blacklisted Marijuana scam and try to shed light on how it works. In this context you must know that the Cannabis Trader scam is being very aggressively promoted by a new affiliate network which specializes in financial scams (hence the numerous complaints we received). We checked these guys out and they are well-funded and highly motivated, so make sure to hold on to your wallet because the Cannabis Trader platform is exceptionally successful at baiting and deceiving unsuspecting victims.

Viral Scam Alert: Cannabis Trader SCAM is exposed and we have documented evidence and proof of scam and malicious foul play.

But why is this happening now? It has to do with the fact that there is much media hype around Cannabis shares, specifically Canopy Growth Corp (TSE: WEED), and Aphria (APHQF). Clever scammers are very much attuned to these latest market trends and understand how to piggyback on the recent pot stock wave of success. You should also know that this is just the start of this recent “Cannabis Craze”, and there are many more fake weed scams waiting to be launched. Our staff will monitor these scams and alert the public about the deceptive and misleading nature of this new breed of get-rich-quick Cannabis schemes. Still believe the Cannabis Trader is a genuine or legit trading app? Keep reading our Cannabis Trader review because as much as we don’t want to be a wet blanket its critical you understand what you are getting into.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find the Cannabis Trader primary sales page and registration area. Straight off the bat you can see that they are using excessive amounts of hype and exaggerated claims of easy money. That is the first indication that we are dealing with a scam. But wait, there is more.

Cannabis Trader Registration Area

Moving along, here we see the Cannabis Trader software trading interface. If you look on the right side of the screenshot you will see that there is a section called “Auto Trading”, and the button below it indicates if the software is turned on or off. You can also see that the broker attached is named “Jones Mutual”, so if you put these two facts together what you get is a pot stock trading robot facilitated by a Forex and CFD broker with an address in Estonia. But there is no mention of signals or automated trading apps in the Cannabis Trader website, why is that? Are the alarm bells ringing yet? They should!

Cannabis Trader User Interface

And here we have the section of the sales page where it mentions that the Cannabis Trader is a “certified online trading platform”. But here the clue can be found in the information which is missing. Specifically, there is no mention of who has actually certified the software. There are no credentials or registered business addresses. It’s just a bunch of hot air amplified by excessive media hype and a sincere desire to fleece your wallet.

Cannabis Trader Fake Certification

Cannabis Trader Dragons’ Den
Spam email marketing and annoying popups are a thing of the past. The hottest trend these days is fake news, and when the Cannabis Trader scam is concerned there is no exception. We have caught the cheaters who are orchestrating this ruse red-handed and peddling fake news articles entitled “Dragons’ Den Invests in Cannabis Product”. A closer inspection of the links inside redirected is to the Cannabis Trader scam, where all we needed to do is “register for the program and start making millions”.

Cannabis Trader Dragons’ Den

What is Cannabis Trader and How Does it Work?
The Cannabis Trader is marketed as a “certified online trading platform” which “is looking for people interested in learning how to profit from trading cannabis shares”. There is mention of graphs and expertise advise, but there is no mention of any form of automated trading and that is either sloppy or worse because Cannabis Trader is a stock trading bot as we have already proven.

Cannabis Trader Review, A Real Money Maker Or SCAM?
In the sales page they say that “cannabis is expected to outperform Amazon with
10 times higher profit potentials and shares growing TWICE as fast”. The cheaters behind the Cannabis Trader scam are distorting the facts and using half-truths to further their aims, namely to get you signed up and depositing with one of their brokers. Once you invest, the online promoters get kickbacks in the form of affiliate commissions, and you get left holding a bag of nuts. This type of scam is commonly referred to as a revenue or profit share scheme, it is very widespread in the Forex and online gambling niches. So while its true that Cannabis stock is on fire, the real people generating profits are the promoters and brokers. You will be the one paying for their lunch money and in return you will receive a hefty dose of remorse reinforced with guilt and frustration. So don’t signup and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! They even say it themselves, it will cost you at least $/£/€250 which will be deducted from your credit card. These crooks are also well known for overcharging, so make sure to keep your credit card information safe and never reveal it to anyone.

Still Trust Cannabis Trader?
If you feel a sudden urge to invest using the fraudulent Cannabis Trader software despite everything we have posted here, then maybe you need to take a step back and find alternative ways to generate income as online trading is most likely not for you.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to avoid are Cannabis Millionaire and Weed Millionaire.

Genuine Alternatives That Work
Fortunately our staff was able to identify a system that generates profits consistently. Trade Cannabis Stock trades stock as well as other assets and actually performs as advertised, we tested it ourselves so feel free to take it for a test drive.

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Cannabis Trader Review, Summary, and Helpful Tips that Work!
The Cannabis Trader scam software, app, and fraudulent trading platform is a blacklisted pot stock system which was intentionally designed to steal your money. Its both pointless as well as counter-productive to invest through this bogus cannabis trading robot. In fact, we are so convinced that you will end up losing your money that we are willing to stake our reputation on it and issue a formal apology and retraction if anyone produces viable proof that the Cannabis Trader is a legit trading system. But obviously this will never happen so just avoid the app and move on to other more profitable trading software. Should you have any additional queries, please message us through our contact  page.


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