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Bitcoin News Trader Review, Viral Bitcoin News Trader SCAM Exposed!
Automated Crypto System Review, Viral Crypto SCAM Exposed!
Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Getting Viral, Review Explains
Wealth Matrix Review, Losing Forex SCAM Exposed!
Bitcoin Trader Review, Nasty Bitcoin Trader SCAM Goes Viral!
Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review

Bitcoin News Trader Review, Viral Bitcoin News Trader SCAM Exposed!

Here’s another viral Bitcoin SCAM. This time it’s called the Bitcoin News Trader scam, and this verified get-rich-quick scheme is extremely deceptive and designed to trick and deceive innocent victims. Why do we believe it is getting viral? Simple, as you will see in our Bitcoin News Trader Review, there are multiple fake news advertisements, fake reviews, and various banner advertisements in social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But that’s just for starters. The main problem we have with the fake Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software and bogus signals app has to do with the fact that it is powered by fraudulent software and integrated with rogue offshore brokers with names like GFC Investment or Kaya FX. If you have signed up for this fake app then your phone number is about to be distributed to some very sleazy sales reps with a strange accent and a stingy salary. These crooks are a part of a boiler room scam type of Forex operation which targets opportunity seekers primarily from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. So, if you are from any of these countries, we recommend you continue reading our detailed Bitcoin News Trader Review to get a better grasp of what you are getting into before joining this dubious investment platform.

Official Website and Login Link:

Viral SCAM Exposed With Evidence:
Here is the Bitcoin News Trader scam website and members area. A closer look will reveal a whole bunch of hype, and all of it is designed to get you signed up and depositing with a fake broker account.

Bitcoin News Trader Members Area

Here you will find the fake news article we were able to dig up. A closer look will reveal the links inside redirect viewers to the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM signal software. Again, the ripoff artists are exploiting the viral nature of Bitcoin and the fact that many people have actually become new millionaires trading this cryptocurrency. You can clearly see they write that a 15 Year Old Kid buys his mother a house after making millions of £ From home.

Bitcoin News Trader Fake News

Bitcoin News Trader Review: No, You Will Not Become a Millionaire Overnight!

The Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software is being very heavily promoted by a number of affiliate networks and media agencies which specialize if cryptocurrency-related schemes. The sales video talks about a “success formula” and a kind of secret system which grants you access to “high-quality news before everyone else”. This means they software generates signals and based on those recommendations you will need to buy/sell contracts and trade currency pairs such as USD/BTC or EUR/ETH. They say you only need to work a couple of hours a day to generate a significant income (£ 3,457 Daily). But that is a ruse and we don’t believe these liars and their thieving software.

Fake Bitcoin News Trader Reviews By Affiliate Sites
Its just how the internet works. Assuming you are not a heavily financed operation with seed money or an investor with deep pockets you have to operate as an affiliate and start generating sales. The way its done is by recommending software, but therein lays the problem. Affiliate marketers do not necessarily care about the quality of their products, they mostly care if they sell well. So obviously they are selling you dreams with the hope that you buy into their little story and invest. But that is both unfair as well as unethical, so be careful.

Bitcoin News Trader Review Summary
The Bitcoin News Trader SCAM is a nasty, viral, and dangerous scam designed to steal your money. The software is fraudulent and designed to execute losing trades, the brokers are liars and thieves, and the whole trading experience is negative. In a nutshell, please avoid the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software and spend your money wisely.

Viable Alternatives (Yes, There Are Some That Work)
We were able to find a reputable software that actually works. We tried it ourselves and made consistent amounts of about £300-500 every day. If you wish to join and see what its about you can check out our detailed review below to get more details.

Crypto Advantage Software




Automated Crypto System Review, Viral Crypto SCAM Exposed!

Oh no! Automated Crypto System SCAM is getting viral because of fake reviews and many victims are complaining! Yes, you heard it right Our Automated Crypto System review will demonstrate exactly how this thieving viral scam works and why it should be avoided at all costs. But first you must know that we are not affiliated in any way or form with the Automated Crypto System app and fake Forex robot, and therefore our review is fair and completely impartial. So, why do we think its a scam? Simple, we were able to obtain information and hard evidence which led us to this much foreseen conclusion. If you don’t believe us and want to try your luck go ahead, but when you get ripped off don’t come crying because we won’t be able to assist you in getting a refund.

Official Website and Login Page:

SCAM Evidence
OK, so a quick look below reveals that the thieves promoting the Automated Crypto System scam software are basically plagiarizing and copying other software. That’s actually illegal not to mention unethical, and people pay hefty fines and even go to jail for copyright infringement.

Automated Crypto System Copied SCAM Exposed

But the most important piece of information here has to do with the simple fact that you are being instructed to use fraudulent software which simply does not perform. So yes, the promoters get their kickbacks every time you invest, but you get left holding an empty bag of peanuts and a light wallet. We know that some of you read some fake reviews or saw videos on YouTube which may say the opposite of what we believe to be the truth, so we decided to just add a video here for reference. It happens to be the only video available which actually tells the truth about the Automated Crypto System scam and how it works.

Automated Crypto System Review
The Automated Crypto System is a fake signals app and not even an auto-trader. They claim there is a trading algorithm and that the software trades on auto-pilot for you, but that is a lie. Our researchers found out this is a manual signals solution, which means you will need to sit on your back end and invest time as well as money trading Forex online and risking your money. If you are not ready for that then step away and don’t invest.

Automated Crypto System Review Conclusions
The Automated Crypto System scam software is already blacklisted by a few trustworthy websites, and we happen to agree with them.

Some Alternatives
We assume you are looking for a legitimate investment opportunity, so we made sure to have one ready for you. And yes, it actually works so feel free to take it for a test drive and see for yourself how much money you can really make using a genuine trading app.

Crypto Advantage




Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Getting Viral, Review Explains

While the price of Bitcoin may be slumping, con artists are still rallying around the concept of massive riches at the click of a mouse. Such is the case with the fraudulent Bitcoin Revolution SCAM software. The Bitcoin Revolution software, app, and fake automated signals systems was created by a European-based affiliate network which cooperates with rogue offshore brokers in what is commonly referred to as a profit or revenue share scheme. What does that mean? Well, basically it means that much similar to a travel agent who received commissions for referring paying customers, so do these crafty affiliate marketers. In essence, what we have here is a conspiracy designed to defraud and victimize innocent day traders and this scam is definitely getting viral.

Cloned Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Is Viral

Much similar to the Calloway Software scam, Bitcoin Revolution is also using the same concepts of hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, and inflated bank accounts. The objective of all of these aggressive, misleading, and deceptive advertising practices is to get the victim signed up and depositing with a fake offshore broker. Unfortunately this trend is not going to end or abate any time soon, but there are other various scams which are advertised as legitimate mining pools or ICOs, and they all end up being Ponzi Schemes, HYIP’s, or get-rich-quick schemes similar to Bitcoin Revolution.

Are you in the market for a legitimate trading app which actually performs as advertised? Check out our Crypto Advantage review and see how a genuine trading app performs!

Crypto Advantage, A Tested Trading App!

Serial Scammers Are Lazy and Plagiarize Websites
The Bitcoin Revolution scam is a clone and replica of the viral and well-known Bitcoin Trader SCAM which has been copied and used in various forms such as Bitcoin Formula, and Bitcoin Secret. Alas, the end of this story is known to all and the crooks operating behind the scenes and orchestrating this elaborate scam are known scam artists with a particular knack for thievery and deceptive online schemes. It is for that reason the entire online trading and cryptocurrency industry has blacklisted the Bitcoin Revolution software, and this should come as no surprise.


Wealth Matrix Review, Losing Forex SCAM Exposed!

The Wealth Matrix SCAM is a viral get-rich-quick scheme which is being launched these days. The Wealth Matrix is also referred to as the Wealth Matrix Club and AI Matrix Pro. As we shall prove in our detailed Wealth Matrix review, it is a confirmed Forex scam which is designed to get you to lose money. But first, a bit of disclosure. Viral Bit Me, as well as the staff and management of ViralBitMe.Com, is not associated or affiliated in any way with the Wealth Matrix scam software. In other words, our Wealth Matrix review is honest  and impartial as there is no conflict of interest. Moving forward, you should know that the main issue with the Wealth Matrix scam has to do with the fact that they make you signup for an offshore broker, but you are not notified about this in any way. In fact, once you signup, you immediately get a phone call and some fake broker asks you to reinvest and put more money in. That is how the scam works, and once you invest the promoters get a percentage of your losses in the form of affiliate commissions.

Wealth Matrix Review
The Wealth Matrix SCAM is being marketed as a type of algorithmic trading app which produces “highly accurate trade signals”.  8 High End Strategies are used to scan and analyze the markets, and that is when the AI Matrix Pro Software utilizes “8X” proven market-strategies to recommend profitable trades. Then it goes on to say that there are “auto-trading assets”, and that is a contradiction in terms and the first piece of evidence we collected to prove our point.


Is Wealth Matrix Scam Or Not?
Its a scam, and if you look at the image above you will see that the testimonials are totally fake and they are not real people.

Is Wealth Matrix Free to Join?
No, it will cost you around $250, and that money will be deducted from your credit card by the broker you signup for.

Are There Viral Scams Similar to Wealth Matrix?
For sure! Crypto Robot 365 is a viral scam which has been marketed for a long time. It is a part of a very big affiliate network and these guys don’t really care if you make money or lose it.

Final Verdict
Wealth Matrix SCAM is a blacklisted viral get-rich-quick Forex scam. If you signup your money will most likely be stolen and you will be left penniless.




Bitcoin Trader Review, Nasty Bitcoin Trader SCAM Goes Viral!

New Viral SCAM: Bitcoin Trader Review and Scam Investigation
The Bitcoin Trader software and automated trading app is a new viral scam which is getting some serious attention over the internet these days. This is mainly due to the fact that savvy internet marketers are using intermediate sales pages using the identities of well-known actors and celebrities from the Shark Tank and Dragons Den in order to lend a seemingly legitimate aura to the destination pages. In this case it is Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Code. Both of which have been proven to be confirmed crypto scams and get-rich-quick schemes designed with the single and malicious intent of defrauding unsuspecting victims looking for a legit money-making opportunity.

Bitcoin Trader Review
Very quickly we have seen the numbers of views as well as complaints and hype peak and reach record levels as a plethora of affiliate networks and media companies such as Clicksure and Max Bounty have jumped on this gravy train and are now providing online promoters with a variety of marketing tools such as banner adds, text links, and tracking links which monitor the campaign performance and measure income for the affiliates as well as vendors who ultimately receive the customers and charge their credit card superfluous amounts of money without getting approval (in other words stealing their money).

The image below is how to main sales page for Bitcoin Trader looks like, and it immediately starts off by saying “you can become the next millionaire”. It also makes a lot of out-of-context statements about how famous people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson in order to further legitimize this fake app and automated trading system.


In essence, the Bitcoin Trader is a bitcoin investment scam that makes fallacious and outrageous claims about how you can generate massive profits easily. The service guarantees $13,000 a month without any risk to your investment since the developers of this trashy software have a “unique trading system which wins trades with 99.4% accuracy” (if you believe that).  In the Bitcoin Trader sales video we see snippets from real news broadcasts taken out of context of course. And we hear Jake Tapper from CNN explaining how Bitcoin has peaked and how Bitcoin is the future of money “with no fees, no banks, and no inflation”.

Bitcoin Trader Review Summary and Conclusions
In a nutshell, much similar to the Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader is using all the recent media hype in order to trick, deceive, and manipulate innocent opportunity seekers into funding offshore trading accounts with phony Forex and CFD brokers. This is done so that the promoters receive their affiliate commissions and the brokers get to milk you dry and rip you off in a very extreme and unethical manner. In short, everyone makes money and the customers pay for the ride. Final recommendation is to avoid the Bitcoin Trader scam as it is a dangerous crypto scam.


Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review and SCAM Investigation (Just Facts)

Is the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro by the International Council for Bitcoin SCAM or Legit automated trading software? What does the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro system offer? And is it a free Cryptocurrency trading signals app which generates profits on auto pilot? The truth is that the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro trading bot is a newly-launched Crypto scam and confirmed get-rich quick scheme. These liars promise they will make you a lot of money.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a new Crypto trading software scam, which promises they will make you a lot of money. They claim you will make huge profits of thousands per day, however the truth shows otherwise. The people who created Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, also created the popular viral scams system such as Profit Wizard Pro, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Loophole, and even the Tesler App which is now back in action and successfully baiting new victims on a daily basis. So forget about super accurate signals which generate thousands of dollars, or anything which even remotely suggests you make money while you sleep. Because, as our revealing Bitcoin Millionaire Pro review will prove, the reality of it is that you are dealing with a financial scam designed to rip you off and steal your hard-earned money.

Official Website, Members Area, and Login Section :

Proof of Viral Crypto Scam
Below is the main sales and registration area for the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro app. In it you can clearly see that Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a clone of the Profit Wizard pro. In fact, the image of Banc De Binary ads an additional layer of suspicion to what is an already questionable and problematic trading niche.

For those of you who don’t know or are unaware, Banc De Binary was huge Binary Options broker which was shut down due to SEC violations and various regulatory and media-related issues. It has gained massive negative exposure and for that reason was not able to keep it’s doors open and accept new clients.

What is The International Council for Bitcoin?
This is a non-existent entity which was designed to create a sense of legitimacy in what is obviously a crappy product.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review
Digital currencies are quickly becoming an essential part of our lives and account for millions of daily financial transactions. People across the world are able to sell their services or various goods and in this way cryptocurrencies are actively changing the lives of many individuals. The trust in key cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum also demonstrates the digital prowess these currencies have gained as time progresses.

It is exactly this kind of prowess which has generated much media hype which most investment platforms such as Bitcoin Millionaire Pro are seeking to take advantage of. The hyped up claims about a highly profitable trading platforms are nonsense at best, and most likely contrived by crafty affiliate marketers looking to get their cut of the commission pie. In fact, it is also copied from the Litcoin Trader SCAM.

To reiterate, the claims of zero commissions and fees when you signing up to the platform is should turn on your alarm bells. If this is true,  how do the individuals behind it make their money ? The answer is simple, the promoters behind it are getting paid for referring paying customers (that’s you).

Moving forward, the “company” claims to have 100% successful signals with almost no losses and guaranteed wins which will turn your minor investment into a million bucks overnight. Obviously this is a lie and impossible due to the volatile nature of the crypto markets. We have seen cases similar to this where promises have been made and immediately broken so please stay away.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review Conclusions – BLACKLISTED!
Trading Bitcoins is definitely a highly lucrative way to earn money, but this does not mean every investment opportunity is legit. The Bitcoin Millionaire Pro SCAM is clearly a trap and get-rich-quick scheme. The narrative is recycled from previous scams and there is no viable way for you to generate money. In short, keep your distance and seek alternative investment channels.

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