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Cannabis Blueprint Review, Viral Cannabis Blueprint SCAM Exposed!

Welcome to our Cannabis Blueprint review and SCAM investigation
Cannabis stocks are on fire, and  the crooks pulling the strings behind the BLACKLISTED Cannabis Blueprint SCAM software and CFD investment platform are not wasting any time! In our detailed Cannabis Blueprint review, we will demonstrate and provide proof of how a group of savvy affiliate marketers and media agencies have invented a fake persona named Dr. Pettle, and are using lies and half-truths in order to promote their filthy get-rich-quick-scheme. You are probably asking yourself why is this happening now. The answer is quite simple. There is much hype around cannabis now because regulation is kicking in and ripe new markets are opening up. What does this mean? A few things, first you must understand that there are crooked Forex and CFD (contract for difference) brokers involved, and they are the ones who are providing the actual trading environment (that’s where you get scammed). When we signed op our broker was XMarkets, which is owned and managed by SG INNOVATION LTD, and has a registered business address in the Marshal Islands. These brokers are in it for the money, and they WILL rob you blind if you don’t know what you are doing. On top of that there are multiple fake Cannabis Blueprint reviews, fake advertisements and infomercials, scammers with fake Facebook profiles and Telegram will also try to cheat you, and various HYIP monitors, cryptocurrency, binary options, and Forex review websites will also try to convince you that you can “generate a massive amount of money” using the Cannabis Blueprint system.

COMPLAINTS: Get ready for SPAM emails marketing, deceptive and misleading advertising, declined withdrawal requests, and overcharging on credit cards.

ViralBitMe is first to expose the Cannabis Blueprint scam software, however there will be others who follow!  So, If for some unknown reason you feel an urge to risk your money and invest through the fraudulent Cannabis Blueprint trading app because you believe it a genuine or legitimate software, then we highly recommend you continue reading our Cannabis Blueprint review because we have proven these liars are trying to cheat you out of your money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
So here we see the primary sales page and registration area for the Cannabis Blueprint scam. You can clearly see how they are using a well-known persona named Leslie Bockscor, to present their pathetic sales pitch and try to convince you that the Cannabis Blueprint is a great way to generate money.

Cannabis Blueprint Registration Area

Here’s another really interesting piece of evidence. If you take a look where it says “leading the way”, you will notice a female doctor which is presented to us as Dr. Pettle (underlined in red). This is the same Doctor which as used in the Green Leaf Fortune SCAM, and in fact she is not a doctor at all. She is an image bank actor, and we found her image on the internet where she is advertised as a “confident doctor posing in a hemp field”.

Cannabis Blueprint Dr. Pettle

And of course the testimonials are totally FAKE! We found out that “Catherine Jones” does not really exist, and her image is plastered all over the internet. The same is true for Mark Anthony Velasquez and Mr. and Mrs. Rosacia.

Cannabis Blueprint Fake Testimonials

We also found some fake news and a bogus advertisement showing how Peter Jones from the Dragons’ Den is investing in a new cash-producing cannabis business venture. When we clicked the links in the fake advertisement we were directed to the Cannabis Blueprint scam software.

Cannabis Blueprint Dragons’ Den

And now for the final piece of the puzzle and last nail in the coffin. When we signed up the broker which was allocated to us was XMarkets, but the post registration was an exact clone and replica of the Cannabis Millionaire and Cannabis Fortune scams. This validates our initial suspicions and proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Cannabis Blueprint scam is a turnkey solution for affiliates and online promoters who wish to plugin to a ready-made system and start peddling their dirty schemes.

Cannabis Blueprint Fake Brokers

What is Cannabis Blueprint and Who Is Dr. Pettle?
Interestingly enough they don’t even say what it is. There is no mention of what software powers the system or how it really works. The success ratio varies according to each of the members presented, and we have already proven that the members are not real. The only thing they mention is CFD trading and how it can leverage potential profits for you. Dr. Pettle is non-existent (proven) and just used in a very manipulative way in order to promote a get-rich-quick scheme.

Cannabis Blueprint Review, Legit Cannabis Stock Trading App Or SCAM?
The whole concept behind Cannabis Blueprint revolves around Dr. Pettle, and they claim she has more than 20 years experience in trading and investing. They also say that her research was featured in various “respected publications”, but we could not find any reference to that. In other words, the scammers are telling everyone this fake doctor is an expert trader and now she is here to help you make millions. This has to be the most moronic sales pitch the staff here at ViralBitMe has ever seen (and we have reviewed more than a couple of scams). There is no proof of winning trades, no back testing, and nothing which indicates how the system looks like and performs. In other words, move on and never look back because this software executes losing trades intentionally and that’s how it steals your money.

Is It Free?
Actually it isn’t. Gaining access to the Cannabis Blueprint scam CFD trading system will cost you at least $/€/£250. That money will be charged to your Visa or Mastercard by thieving offshore brokers like XMarkets.

Fake Cannabis Blueprint Reviews
We have seen multiple fake Cannabis Blueprint reviews on YouTube as well. This is happening because these website owners are getting paid affiliate commissions for endorsing fraudulent software, so stay alert and message us if you are unsure about joining a program.

Still Trust Cannabis Blueprint?
If you still believe the Cannabis Blueprint software is a genuine pot stock trading app then maybe online trading is not for you. We have provided all the information required to prove that it is a scam, so if you still want to risk your money please don’t come back complaining.

A Tested Software
If you are searching for an alternative that actually works, Trade Cannabis Stock is definitely the way to go. Forget about the lies and hyped up claims. Trade Cannabis Stock offers reasonable return on investments without all the hype and lies associated with scams. We put it to the test and it performs as advertised so we are recommending it.

Trade Cannabis Stock

Cannabis Blueprint Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Cannabis Blueprint SCAM software, app, and automated trading platform (AKA Robot) is a Blacklisted get-rich-quick scheme. If you actually read our Cannabis Blueprint review, you would have noticed that the evidence our staff was able to compile is both compelling as well as tangible in the sense that it genuinely reflects the reality of how this ruse is being promoted by clever affiliate marketers these days. The fake news campaigns are also highly deceptive and have tricked victims into investing under false pretenses. So, to recap we are advising all our members and viewers to avoid the Cannabis Blueprint scam and seek alternative investment avenues. Should you require additional information please message us via our contact page.


Cannabis Fortune Review, Viral Cannabis Fortune SCAM Exposed!

Another fake pot stock and get-rich-quick scheme just launched, and this time greedy scammers are naming it Cannabis Fortune (not to be confused with Cannabis Fortune Cookies). So what exactly is this trading software, and is Cannabis Fortune scam or legit investment platform? Our detailed  Cannabis Fortune review will explain if you can really “make a fast fortune from Million Dollar Marijuana Stocks” or not. OK, so we’re not going to beat around the bush, or try to sell you the idea that Cannabis Fortune is a genuine trading system. The facts speak for themselves, and we BLACKLISTED Cannabis Fortune primarily because we started to receive complaints, but also because we actually signed up and tested the software. Suffice it to say, we ended up losing our initial investment (big surprise). After about 1 hour we had some rude sales reps profusely phoning us and claiming they represent a broker dubiously named “Hybrid Reserve” which is owned and managed by a company named SingleBell LTD and has a registered business address in the Marshall Islands.

OK, so let’s start connecting the dots and try to understand why you are obviously being invited to join a scam. First, it’s no secret that Cannabis Stocks are doing extremely well, and there is much media hype around various stocks such as Canopy Growth, Aphria, and Cronos. This is happening because cannabis is being legalized across North America, and the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes in gaining legitimacy as well as recognition from politicians and big businesses. The scammers (affiliate marketers and media agencies) are very much aware of this trend and are riding this so-called “Cannabis wave of success”, only they are adding their own nasty little twist. You will be advised that “you can purchase CFDs” or a contract for difference. This is double talk for Forex, and while its true that CFD’s are easier to understand and potentially much more profitable than stock, the risk factor is high so unless you have access to the best possible software or professional guidance you had best stay away. Its also important to point out that there is a huge fake news campaign which is active RIGHT NOW. Savvy online promoters are using the cast of the Dragons’ Den, as well as reputation of wealth gurus like Elon Musk and Richard Branson to peddle their filthy cannabis scams.

So if for some reason you are under the impression that Cannabis Fortune is a trustworthy program, we highly recommend you continue reading our Cannabis Fortune review because we exposed these crooks and their dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you will see the primary sales page and registration area for the Cannabis Fortune scam system. Immediately you can see the hyped up claims about making a fast fortune and becoming a millionaire trading marijuana stocks.

Cannabis Fortune Registration Area

Now here we have proof that Cannabis Fortune us actually a clone and replica of the Weed Millionaire and the Weed Profit system. A quick look will show that the “How It Works” section is a copy/paste of the scams we mentioned.

Cannabis Fortune Cloned Scam

And now we are looking at evidence of a chain scam, which is a kind of production line scam that’s used as a copy/paste solution for affiliate marketers and advertising agencies looking to plugin to a ready-made automated trading solution (AKA Cannabis Bot). For those of you who have not signed up or are not familiar with these systems, what you are looking at below is the post-registration page for the Cannabis Fortune software. This is the same popup we received when we tested Cannabis Millionaire and Cannabis Software. In other words, what you are looking at here is a smoking gun and live proof that this is a copied scam and the only thing which changes is the broker, logo, and color scheme.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Brokers

Cannabis Fortune Dragons’ Den
This fake news add is constantly being recycled by the same ripoff artists, and it portrays members of the Dragons’ Den. In fact, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden are constantly being used for these types of scams and they have made their opinions known in this context.

Cannabis Fortune Dragons’ Den

Cannabis Fortune Fake Testimonials
As we mentioned previously in our Cannabis Fortune Review, the whole testimonial section is copied right out of the Weed Millionaire scam. The illustration below is a “side-by-side” type of comparison which proves exactly what these cheaters did and how they operate.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Testimonials

What is Cannabis Fortune and How Does It Work?
The Cannabis Fortune scam is a get-rich-quick cannabis scheme which promises to make you a millionaire overnight. In reality, what happens after you signup is something completely different. You practically get mauled by rude sales reps with strange accents who only care about getting their dirty little fingers on your credit cared details and stealing your money!

Cannabis Fortune Review – 99.7% Accuracy Level Or SCAM?
According to the Cannabis Fortune scam sales pitch, Cannabis penny stocks are about to go through the roof, and right now is your chance to get in on the action before its too late. The ripoff artists pulling the strings behind the fraudulent Cannabis Fortune software would have you believe that their system allows you to generate passive income on auto-pilot if you signup for their dirty app. However, Cannabis Fortune has nothing to do with marijuana penny stocks, and while its true that the software generates trading signals they are LOSING signals (confirmed).

Additionally, there is no way in the world Cannabis Fortune has a 99.7% accuracy level, because that would mean almost every trade is in the money (successful). So that’s a blatant lie, and so is the rubbish about being deadly accurate, having a “bullet-proof” technology, and especially about easy withdrawals.

Is It Free?
No way! Get ready to part with at least £/€/$250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers such as Hybrid Reserve.

Cannabis Fortune Fake Reviews
Oh yes, this is a very alarming development and very distressing. Fake reviews sites are endorsing Cannabis Fortune and telling everyone how profitable it is. They are doing it in order to collect their commission paychecks, because they are affiliate marketers and get paid referral money (hence the conflict of interest). So if you are unsure or hesitant, please leave a message via our contact page.

Still Trust Cannabis Fortune?
If you still believe Cannabis Fortune is a genuine marijuana stock trading app, then you failed to understand how dangerous this fraudulent investment platform really is. Online stock trading is probably not for you, so please consider alternative ways to generate income.

A Viable Option
Our staff is constantly searching the internet for reputable trading apps which generate income consistently. Once such system is Trade Cannabis Stock, and we are constantly using it to generate revenue, so take a minute to check it out!

Trade Cannabis Stock

Cannabis Fortune Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Cannabis Fortune SCAM software, app, and fake marijuana penny stock trading robot is a BLACKLISTED get-rich-quick scheme. The crooks behind this operation are well-known and have a terrible reputation for defrauding unsuspecting customers and opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legitimate trading app. Again, in light of the overwhelming evidence our staff was able to produce, we urge our viewers and members to avoid the Cannabis Fortune scam and seek alternative investment opportunities. Should you have any additional questions or queries, please message us via our contact page.


Cannabis Software Review, Is Cannabis Software SCAM?

Stop the press! The new Cannabis Software SCAM investment platform by Paul Winden has been officially launched, and complaints are mounting by the dozens. In our detailed Cannabis Software review and investigation, we will demonstrate, prove, and provide clear-cut evidence of how the crooks responsible for promoting this viral get-rich-quick cannabis scheme operate. We would also like to point out that the affiliate networks and media agencies operating behind the scenes are well-financed and highly motivated. It has also come to our attention that these networks operate in tandem with sleazy offshore brokers. In our case it was XMarkets, which are very well-known ripoff artists with a registered business address in the Marshal Islands. Similar to other BLACKLISTED systems, the Cannabis Software CFD trading app is attempting to ride the so-called cannabis wave of success which has been prompted by regulators in Canada and the USA which now partially allow the legal consumption of marijuana for medical and recreational use. In this context, it’s no secret that stocks like Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) and Canppy Growth (TSE: WEED) are performing exceptionally well, and during these turbulent times everyone wants to get in on the action.

Online marketers are not oblivious to this trend, and they are mustering all their resources and energies in order to create new fake pot-stock schemes. If you have an inquisitive nature and commonly search the internet for new and interesting money-making opportunities, then you have probably been exposed to some fake news articles. The fake news phenomenon is constantly growing, and in this case scammers are illegally using the name and reputation of the Dragons’ Den Cast, as well as wealth gurus such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson in order to peddle their filthy Cannabis Software scam online. So if you are intrigued, and for some reason believe that this software is a legitimate trading system, then we highly recommend you read our informative Cannabis Software review before risking your hard-earned money.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM:
Alright, so here we have the Cannabis Software registration page. A closer look will reveal that texts are extremely hyped up and designed to mislead, deceive, and manipulate the facts.

Cannabis Software Registration Page

Moving along, if you take a look below you will see that these liars are saying that you can “make between $7,000 to $10,000 in the next 24 hours with the Cannabis Software”. That is not only a blatant lie, its a stupid one. If this was the truth then we would have new cannabis software millionaires rolling out by the dozens on an hourly basis. And since this is most definitely NOT the case, we would have to assume that it is a lie designed to trap you and steal your money.

Cannabis Software Fake Claims

And here we have a snippet from the fake news article we managed to dig up. You can clearly see that these cheaters are using the Dragons’ Den cast to promote investments in profitable “cannabis products”. It’s worth mentioning that the promoters of the Weed Millionaire software are using the same scam tactic. In fact, they are duplicating their advertising campaigns and just switching links.

Cannabis Software Dragon’s Den

And for the final nail in this coffin. Here we can see the Cannabis Software post registration page. It’s very plain to see that this is a white label or some kind of turnkey solution for affiliates who wish to access a trading software and start promoting it in order to get commissions.

Cannabis Software Fake Brokers

Who Is Paul Winden?
Supposedly he worked as a software developer for a Wall Street investment firm who designed algorithms which analyzed the financial markets. He worked 16 hours a day but could not get ahead. One day his boss asked him to write a code for an automated Cannabis Trading robot for some wealthy clients, and he did. Eventually he understood that he could make substantially more money using the software himself, so he just left the office and started trading by himself. Today he is a multi-millionaire and he is offering you a chance to access his software. In reality Winden does not exist. He was invented by the scammers for promotional purposes.

What is The Cannabis Software SCAM And How Does It Work?
The Cannabis Software is marketed as “a powerful automated trading software that lets you trade cannabis stocks with ease”. They claim it has automated as well as manual signals. They say that the system works by pinpointing “lucrative trading opportunities in the markets”, and then proceeds to execute profitable trades with a high degree of accuracy. That is the sales pitch, but we know better!

Cannabis Software Review Make More Than $7,000 a DAY Or Viral SCAM?
How about that vacation you always wanted to take, or that expensive car? Paul Winden, an expert investor and software developer is offering you a chance to enter his exclusive club of cannabis millionaires by joining his Beta Test! His Cannabis Software is empowering traders by providing them with the opportunity to “get in on the growing cannabis stocks investments with ease!” That’s the sales pitch, and given everything we have seen here and the systems we already tested, you can bet your bottom dollar its a scam and you will end up losing your money if you join this program.

Is It Free?
They say it is free, but in reality you have to invest at least $/£/€250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by thieving offshore brokers such as XMarkets.

Fake Cannabis Software Reviews
We have seen multiple fake reviews, and you can bet your lunch money that the website owners who are publishing their reviews are not interested in providing their readers with factual and accurate information. In fact, they simply wish to deceive you by telling you the software works so they can get paid.

Still Trust Cannabis Software SCAM?
If after reading our Cannabis Software Review you still have this uncontrollable urge to risk your money and invest using this fraudulent investment platform, then maybe you should avoid online trading altogether and seek an alternative way to generate passive income.

A Trustworthy Alternative
We searched, prodded, tested, and screened. What we found was a genuine automated trading system which produces consistent results over time. We managed to accrue a balance of €1,752 after a week, and our initial investment was €300. If you are looking for a viable alternative then Trade Cannabis Stock is it.

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Cannabis Software Review, Summary, and Helpful Tips
The Cannabis Software SCAM CFD trading robot is a totally BLACKLISTED cloned app. The evidence our researchers were able to produce is both compelling as well as indisputable. Hence, we are categorically labeling the Cannabis Software platform as a confirmed get-rich-quick scheme and advising our members to avoid it. Should you have any additional questions or queries simply message us via our contact page.


Green Leaf Fortune Review, Fake Green Leaf Fortune SCAM? Yes!

Green Leaf Fortune Review and SCAM Investigation
And here we go again with another viral pot stock scam, and this time its Green Leaf Fortune! And just in case you were wondering, we blacklisted the Green Leaf Fortune scam software and fake Forex CFD app because the evidence proves it. So if you believe that Cannabis is legitimate investment platform, you may want to take a minute and read our detailed Green Leaf Fortune review. The way we see it, Green Leaf Fortune is merely the latest in a growing list of get-rich-quick Cannabis scams designed prompted by the recent wave of success associated with popular Cannabis stocks such as Tilray (TLRY) and Canopy (WEED). Due to regulative easing in Canada as well as other states in the USA such as Colorado and California, the consumption of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes is now legal, so the markets are hitting new highs and reacting accordingly.

Viral SCAM Alert! Green Leaf Fortune is a fraudulent and blacklisted trading platform which is getting viral right now.

The crooks who are responsible for spreading this filth on the internet are affiliate networks who care nothing about legitimate investment opportunities in CFDS (contracts-for-difference). There are also multiple complaints in regards to the fact that there are offshore Forex and CFD brokers involved, and that these cyber-hooligans are really relentless con-artists who stop at nothing to get their hands on your money. When we signed up the broker which was assigned to us was named Hybrid Reserve. Well, we left nothing to chance and checked them out properly. Guess what, these guys stink to high heaven. Fact is, Green Leaf Fortune has nothing to do with legitimate CFD trading on cannabis stock, and everything to do with defrauding unsuspecting victims looking to cash in on a genuine trading app. Don’t believe us? Think we are exaggerating and not really on point? Do yourself a favor and take a minute to read our informative Green Leaf Fortune review because we exposed these crooks and their filthy operation.

Official Green Leaf Fortune Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Evidence of SCAM
Below you can see the primary sales page and registration area for the Green Leaf Fortune scam. Its plain to see the recent hype around Cannabis Stock is creating opportunities for scammers, and the Green Leaf Fortune system is a perfect example.

Green Leaf Fortune Registration Area

Moving along, the image below proves that the liars behind the Green Leaf Fortune CFD trading software are using doctored images in order to lend a more believable nature to their scheme. But we know better and everything you see here is a ruse.

Green Leaf Fortune False Advertising

Moving on to the “social proof” section of the website. Here we can see that the scammers have completely fabricated the messaging from the cellphone text messages. A closer look will reveal that the fake text messages were copied from a binary options scam dubiously named the “Singapore Method”. Needless to say binary options have gained a notorious reputation and are now illegal in most places.

Green Leaf Fortune Misleading SCAM

And finally here we have the broker setup. After you register there is a popup which tells you the broker assigned to you. We have compared the the Cannabis Millionaire and Weed Millionaire scams in this context. As you can see below the setup is the same for all three scams, which means we are talking about the same affiliate network which is scamming customers and defrauding innocent victims by selling them fake Cannabis CFD contracts.

Green Leaf Fortune Fake Broker

What Is Green Leaf Fortune and How Does It Work?
Green Leaf Fortune is a get-rich-quick cannabis scheme. It claims that it offers CFD (contract-for-difference) contracts which are agreements in which you predict the value of a share over a time-period. They claims that your investment is secure and that you will generate massive amounts of money using this software, but in reality when you invest the broker is not real and depositing money through this program is equivalent to sitting on a toilet and burning your cash.

Green Leaf Fortune Review – Legit Pot Stock Trading System Or Fake App?
In our opinion, the Green Leaf Fortune scam represents another crude yet effective attempt to ride the Cannabis wave of legalization. Medical and recreational marijuana are all the rage these days, and if you are on the sidelines watching the game you are probably looking for a way to cash in on the latest Cannabis Craze. The scammers are very much aware of these developments and increased awareness in pot stocks such as Canopy and Tilray. So, they are attempting to use this media hype and bait you into signing up with fake Forex and CFD brokers such as Hybrid Reserve. This is why you will hear catch phrases like “missing out on the opportunity”, or “live life to the fullest”.

They primary sales pitch is that CFD shares are more profitable than stocks because you simply need to predict a direction (up or down), and if you are correct “you will make a lot of money”. In reality Green Leaf Fortune has nothing to do with legitimate CFD trading, and everything to do with tricking you into signing up with fraudulent offshore brokers.

Is It Free?
No, not really. It will cost at least  $/€/£250 in order to get started, and that money will be deducted from your credit card so please don’t believe these liars if they they tell you that there are no fees involved (because there are).

Green Leaf Fortune Dragons’ Den and Fake News
We have received numerous reports in regards to fake news in the form of advertorials or fake articles on social media. Some complaints have made reference to the Dragons’ Den cast, while others are mentioning Elon Must and the Shark Tank. Either way you look at it, this does not bode well for anyone looking for a legitimate investment opportunity in the thriving cannabis niche.

Fake Green Leaf Fortune Reviews
Needless to say fake Green Leaf Fortune Reviews are already beginning to sprout, and that is primarily due to the attractive incentives online promoters are receiving for endorsing this bogus marijuana stock app. Make sure to inquire and stay super alert before risking your money!

Still Trust Green Leaf Fortune?
If you are still under the impression that Green Leaf Fortune is a genuine trading system then you will surely end up getting ripped off. We understand that the allure of easy money at the click of a mouse is very difficult to ignore, but that is exactly what you need to do. Just move on and never look back!

Some Tested Alternatives
We have examined the markets as well as various systems. Just when we were ready to give up we were able to locate a unique trading system which has been able to perform consistently for us. We invite you to take a minute and check it out.

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Green Leaf Fortune Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Green Leaf Fortune scam software, app, and fraudulent investment platform is a verified get-rich-quick scheme. We have blacklisted Green Leaf Fortune (or misfortune in this case) because all the evidence our staff compiled leads to the obvious conclusion, namely that it is a worthless piece of rubbish designed to take losing trades. It is for that reason we are advising all our members and viewers to avoid this extremely deceptive and misleading scheme and seek alternative investment opportunities. Should you need additional information, please message us via our contact page.



Cannabis Trader Review, Viral Cannabis Trader Scam Exposed!

Cannabis Trader Review and Scam Investigation
“Cannabis Share Values Are Going Through The Roof”, and this is the best time to invest! Or is it? Well, that’s what the greedy scammers at the Cannabis Trader scam software and automated trading app would have you think. But don’t be fooled for a minute, while its true that Cannabis Stock is higher than ever due to regulatory easing, what these ripoff artists are trying to sell you has nothing to do with this recent development. It does however have everything to do with fake Cannabis contracts sold by offshore Forex and CFD brokers (in our case it was a broker named Jones Mutual). What does all this mean? Well, in our detailed Cannabis Trader review we shall examine every aspect of this blacklisted Marijuana scam and try to shed light on how it works. In this context you must know that the Cannabis Trader scam is being very aggressively promoted by a new affiliate network which specializes in financial scams (hence the numerous complaints we received). We checked these guys out and they are well-funded and highly motivated, so make sure to hold on to your wallet because the Cannabis Trader platform is exceptionally successful at baiting and deceiving unsuspecting victims.

Viral Scam Alert: Cannabis Trader SCAM is exposed and we have documented evidence and proof of scam and malicious foul play.

But why is this happening now? It has to do with the fact that there is much media hype around Cannabis shares, specifically Canopy Growth Corp (TSE: WEED), and Aphria (APHQF). Clever scammers are very much attuned to these latest market trends and understand how to piggyback on the recent pot stock wave of success. You should also know that this is just the start of this recent “Cannabis Craze”, and there are many more fake weed scams waiting to be launched. Our staff will monitor these scams and alert the public about the deceptive and misleading nature of this new breed of get-rich-quick Cannabis schemes. Still believe the Cannabis Trader is a genuine or legit trading app? Keep reading our Cannabis Trader review because as much as we don’t want to be a wet blanket its critical you understand what you are getting into.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM
Below you will find the Cannabis Trader primary sales page and registration area. Straight off the bat you can see that they are using excessive amounts of hype and exaggerated claims of easy money. That is the first indication that we are dealing with a scam. But wait, there is more.

Cannabis Trader Registration Area

Moving along, here we see the Cannabis Trader software trading interface. If you look on the right side of the screenshot you will see that there is a section called “Auto Trading”, and the button below it indicates if the software is turned on or off. You can also see that the broker attached is named “Jones Mutual”, so if you put these two facts together what you get is a pot stock trading robot facilitated by a Forex and CFD broker with an address in Estonia. But there is no mention of signals or automated trading apps in the Cannabis Trader website, why is that? Are the alarm bells ringing yet? They should!

Cannabis Trader User Interface

And here we have the section of the sales page where it mentions that the Cannabis Trader is a “certified online trading platform”. But here the clue can be found in the information which is missing. Specifically, there is no mention of who has actually certified the software. There are no credentials or registered business addresses. It’s just a bunch of hot air amplified by excessive media hype and a sincere desire to fleece your wallet.

Cannabis Trader Fake Certification

Cannabis Trader Dragons’ Den
Spam email marketing and annoying popups are a thing of the past. The hottest trend these days is fake news, and when the Cannabis Trader scam is concerned there is no exception. We have caught the cheaters who are orchestrating this ruse red-handed and peddling fake news articles entitled “Dragons’ Den Invests in Cannabis Product”. A closer inspection of the links inside redirected is to the Cannabis Trader scam, where all we needed to do is “register for the program and start making millions”.

Cannabis Trader Dragons’ Den

What is Cannabis Trader and How Does it Work?
The Cannabis Trader is marketed as a “certified online trading platform” which “is looking for people interested in learning how to profit from trading cannabis shares”. There is mention of graphs and expertise advise, but there is no mention of any form of automated trading and that is either sloppy or worse because Cannabis Trader is a stock trading bot as we have already proven.

Cannabis Trader Review, A Real Money Maker Or SCAM?
In the sales page they say that “cannabis is expected to outperform Amazon with
10 times higher profit potentials and shares growing TWICE as fast”. The cheaters behind the Cannabis Trader scam are distorting the facts and using half-truths to further their aims, namely to get you signed up and depositing with one of their brokers. Once you invest, the online promoters get kickbacks in the form of affiliate commissions, and you get left holding a bag of nuts. This type of scam is commonly referred to as a revenue or profit share scheme, it is very widespread in the Forex and online gambling niches. So while its true that Cannabis stock is on fire, the real people generating profits are the promoters and brokers. You will be the one paying for their lunch money and in return you will receive a hefty dose of remorse reinforced with guilt and frustration. So don’t signup and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! They even say it themselves, it will cost you at least $/£/€250 which will be deducted from your credit card. These crooks are also well known for overcharging, so make sure to keep your credit card information safe and never reveal it to anyone.

Still Trust Cannabis Trader?
If you feel a sudden urge to invest using the fraudulent Cannabis Trader software despite everything we have posted here, then maybe you need to take a step back and find alternative ways to generate income as online trading is most likely not for you.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to avoid are Cannabis Millionaire and Weed Millionaire.

Genuine Alternatives That Work
Fortunately our staff was able to identify a system that generates profits consistently. Trade Cannabis Stock trades stock as well as other assets and actually performs as advertised, we tested it ourselves so feel free to take it for a test drive.

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Cannabis Trader Review, Summary, and Helpful Tips that Work!
The Cannabis Trader scam software, app, and fraudulent trading platform is a blacklisted pot stock system which was intentionally designed to steal your money. Its both pointless as well as counter-productive to invest through this bogus cannabis trading robot. In fact, we are so convinced that you will end up losing your money that we are willing to stake our reputation on it and issue a formal apology and retraction if anyone produces viable proof that the Cannabis Trader is a legit trading system. But obviously this will never happen so just avoid the app and move on to other more profitable trading software. Should you have any additional queries, please message us through our contact  page.



Weed Millionaire Review, Fake Weed Millionaire SCAM is Viral!

Weed Millionaire Review and SCAM Investigation
Its Marijuana Madness and this time the BLACKLISTED Weed Millionaire SCAM is getting viral. Our Weed Millionaire Review and SCAM investigation was prompted by various complaints which keep arriving, but that’s not the worst part. We also got wind that the Weed Millionaire scam is being very aggressively promoted by a professional fraud ring masquerading as a legitimate affiliate network. Well, if you are asking yourself what all of this means you are not alone! Our industry contacts advised us that the Weed Millionaire is actually a Forex scam which is being orchestrated by sleazy offshore brokers (we got stuck with a broker named GFC Investment). The fake pot stocks trend is very distressing, and its just starting to take off so hold on to your hats because this get-rich-quick scheme is flying high!

If you have received some type of SPAM email invitation or exposed to various popup ads then you must know that you are being targeted by professional con artists who will do their utmost to get you signed up and depositing with one of their fake brokers. Why is that happening? Simple, every time you invest the scammers get kickbacks in the form of affiliate commissions. So we are not gonna just tell you to avoid the Weed Millionaire scam, we will actually provide valid proof and evidence that this fake Marijuana penny stock swindle is a facade for fraudulent Forex signals and automated trading software designed to bait and trick unsuspecting victims.  Still believe the Weed Millionaire scam app, software, and fake signals system is a legit trading platform? Well, if that’s the case we urge you to continue reading our Weed Millionaire review because we exposed these crooks and our findings bode bad news for anyone who decides to risk their cash and invest.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof Of SCAM:
Below you will find a screenshot we took of the Weed Millionaire registration area. You can clearly see where it says “will you be the next weed millionaire?”. This is a strong signal that we are dealing with a get-rich-quick scheme.

Weed Millionaire Registration Area

Moving along, here you can see that they are promising you an “incredible 99.7% accuracy rate” (scroll below to see). That pretty much means you can’t lose and whenever you hear figures like that you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that you are about to get ripped off.

Weed Millionaire Fake Testimonials

And of course you can’t have a proper scam without some fake testimonials, so here we have “Mary Lee” who is claiming that “the green rush is so real!!” But “Mary” is really the principal of St Dominic’s College in Ballyfermot and her name is Sarah Green. Its interesting the cheaters decided to use a picture of an educational figure to peddle their Marijuana scam, you have to admit it is kind of funny so we give them an A for creativity.

Weed Millionaire Software

And here is the Weed Millionaire SCAM software. There is a manual as well as automated trading mode, which means its a Forex trading robot so hold on tight to your wallet before the scammers get a whiff of your money and steal it.

Weed Millionaire Dragons Den

Weed Millionaire Fake News
There is a whole lot of chatter online about the Dragon’s Den Team investing in Cannabis products. Some of the news is actually true, but a lot of it is completely fake. We managed to get our hand on a Weed Millionaire Dragon’s Den SCAM fake news site, and after we started examining the links inside we noticed it lead to the Weed Millionaire website. This means there are deep pockets and professional online marketers who are invested heavily in this fake news campaign so hold on to your wallets and don’t invest!

What is the Weed Millionaire And How Does it Work?
The Weed Millionaire scam is marketed as a penny stock signals software which utilizes superior technology that “skips ahead of the market faster than any other system available today.” In reality its a fake signals app designed to drain your bank account by executing losing trades on Cannabis stock.

Weed Millionaire False Advertising Tactics

Weed Millionaire Review, The Next Gold Rush or SCAM?

The Weed Millionaire is marketed as a kind of pot stock signals trading software which produces a “99.7%” level of accuracy. They claim the technology is “bullet proof” and designed for both beginner and pro traders. It’s supposed to generate consistent wins, because it ‘skips ahead’ of the market faster than any other systems. However, in reality what happens after you signup is all too well-known. You get allocated a fake Forex broker who does not really care about Cannabis stock or any kind of financial asset. They just sell you some trading strategy and try to get you to reinvest, and they are relentless!

Is It Free?
Absolutely not. Its going to cost you at least $/€/£250 in order to get started, and brokers like GFC Investment only see that as a gateway or stepping stone to the bigger amounts they plan to make whilst using you as their personal cash cow.

Fake Weed Millionaire Reviews
Yes there are some fake Weed Millionaire Reviews, and similar to the Cannabis Millionaire scam the website owners endorsing this get-rich-quick scheme are just as bad as the actual scammers (if not worse). They are colluding against you in what we believe is an obvious attempt to defraud and victimize innocent victims looking to cash in on a legitimate stock trading app.

Still Trust Weed Millionaire?
If after reading everything we had to write about the Weed Millionaire scam you still want to take it for a test-drive and invest some of your hard-earned money, then it’s quite possible you have not fully fathomed your situation. Don’t invest. Period.

A Real Alternative
Our staff has started executing extensive testing for a new app named Trade Cannabis Stock. The software uses artificial intelligence for trade execution and is doing incredibly well for us. If you are searching for a real alternative that actually generates money consistently Trade Cannabis Stock is it. So take a minute to check it out (and it trades other assets too).

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Weed Millionaire Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Weed Millionaire scam software, app, and fake signals system is a losing get-rich-quick scheme which rallies exploits the media hype around pot stock. Our staff produced extensive proof and evidence of scam and in this context we implore you to refrain from joining this fraudulent software as we can guarantee with a certainty of 100% that your money will be stolen by clever con artists. Should you have any additional questions or queries simply message us via our contact page.


Cannabis Millionaire Review, Viral Cannabis Millionaire SCAM Exposed!

Welcome to our Cannabis Millionaire Review and SCAM Investigation 
Cannabis stock is flying high as a kite, and the the con artists behind the Cannabis Millionaire SCAM software and CFD trading app have latched on to this profitable new niche. Cannabis Millionaire is not just a term, it is a marketing gimmick which was developed by a clever group of affiliate marketers who understand exactly how to follow trends, manipulate facts, and turn them into lies and deception which suit their needs. Why is this happening now? Simple, the so called “cannabis hype” is at its peak RIGHT NOW and online marketers are riding this cannabis wave of success and peddling their filth. How does this effect you? Well, get ready for fake Cannabis Millionaire reviews, fake news advertisements, scammers with fake profiles on Facebook and Telegram trying to push this garbage, and every HYIP monitor, cryptocurrency, binary options, and Forex/CFD website will try to sell you this crap and tell you there is a “pot” of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We also know that behind the scenes there are some unlicensed Forex and CFD brokers which are actually the entities scamming the customers and then sharing the loot with the advertisers. In our case it was a broker named GFC Investment which is a very nasty broker with tons of complaints. So, if you were spammed or illegally solicited to join the fraudulent Cannabis Millionaire software, you should know that there are multiple warnings by a myriad of official watchdog websites who are officially warning the public to stay clear of the Cannabis Millionaire scam and others similar to it. The Cannabis Millionaire scam is particularly misleading and deceptive because it is a viral get-rich-quick scheme which is being promoted very aggressively by affiliate networks and media agencies specializing fake Cannabis and make-money schemes. If for some reason you are under the impression that the Cannabis Millionaire scam is a genuine or legitimate trading software, then you need to continue reading our detailed review because we caught these ripoff artists red handed and exposed them!

Official Cannabis Millionaire Website and Registration Area:

Proof of SCAM
OK, so here we have the totally hyped up registration page and members area for the Cannabis Millionaire software. Most members are not even aware that they not are signing up for “Cannabis Millionaire”, rather for a broker. It is not mentioned in the registration area and you really need to dig in deep to understand you are signing up for a CFD broker.

Cannabis Millionaire Registration Area

The Cannabis Millionaire SCAM doesn’t use any disclaimers. Contrarily, it DOES use misleading images and false advertising tactics. The section below talks about the legalization of Cannabis across North America and the opportunities presented to you if you take action immediately. But in fact, what you are looking at is a ruse and the person illustrated in the image below is not a doctor at all. In fact, we found her picture in an image bank where she poses as a “confident doctor posing in a hemp field.”

Cannabis Millionaire Fake Testimonials

Pot Stocks and Get Rich Quick Schemes
The secret is out and people know that Marijuana stocks are peaking due to legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use specifically in Canada and the United States. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are issued permits and pot is becoming a legitimate drug across North America (not to mention the Netherlands). Scammers are not oblivious to this new development and are riding the Cannabis wave of success as legally traded companies focusing on the manufacturing and distribution of legal Marijuana are making millions due to increased demand.

What Is Cannabis Millionaire and How Does It Work?
Cannabis Millionaire is a get-rich-quick scheme which is tapping into the Cannabis hype and trying to sell you fake Forex and CFD contracts. When you invest the broker steals your money and then sends kickbacks to the advertisers in what is commonly referred to as a revenue of profit share scheme. Don’t sign up.

Cannabis Millionaire Review, Legit Opportunity Or SCAM?
The Cannabis Millionaire SCAM is baiting you in the sense that it tells you that the investing scene is rapidly changing and that there is no need to buy actual Cannabis stock because you can purchase a CFD or Contract for Difference. They would have you believe that “CFD’s are more profitable than shares; as you can actually leverage the small amounts of money you invest, allowing you to make a lot more money, much quicker, as opposed to buying shares which are expensive, limited and take a lot of time to grow.” This is a half-truth (which is worst than a lie) because buying a CFD with a broker carries a very high degree of risk, and doing it with an unlicensed broker practically guarantees you will lose your money without having any way to remedy your situation.

Is It Free?
No, it’s going to cost you at least $/€/£250 in order to activate the software and that money will be collected by the filthy Cannabis Broker which is assigned to you.

Cannabis Millionaire Fake News
There have been initial reports of Cannabis Millionaire being used with the Dragons’ Den cast and Elon Musk. We are currently looking into this and will produce proof of fake news when and if we are able to obtain it.

Fake Cannabis Millionaire Reviews
There are various fake Cannabis Millionaire Reviews, and they are all designed to get you signed up with a fake broker so that the affiliate marketers can get their commissions. This type of activity is both unethical and also not smart from a business perspective, but that is another issue which needs to be addressed.

Some Tested Alternatives
Our staff was able to gather a proper alternative for investors wanting to try out a legitimate trading app. We have tested this software and it is both legit as well as profitable so we highly recommend it especially if you are just starting out with stocks.

Trade Cannabis Stock On Auto Pilot

Cannabis Millionaire Review Summary and Conclusions – (Blacklisted SCAM – Confirmed)
The Cannabis Millionaire SCAM software, app, and trading software is a confirmed investment SCAM and get-rich-quick scheme. We are advising all our members to avoid this fraudulent software and trade stocks with a legitimate trading app as we have recommended above. Should you have any questions or need additional clarifications, please message us through our contact page.



Bitcoin News Trader Review, Viral Bitcoin News Trader SCAM Exposed!

Here’s another viral Bitcoin SCAM. This time it’s called the Bitcoin News Trader scam, and this verified get-rich-quick scheme is extremely deceptive and designed to trick and deceive innocent victims. Why do we believe it is getting viral? Simple, as you will see in our Bitcoin News Trader Review, there are multiple fake news advertisements, fake reviews, and various banner advertisements in social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. But that’s just for starters. The main problem we have with the fake Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software and bogus signals app has to do with the fact that it is powered by fraudulent software and integrated with rogue offshore brokers with names like GFC Investment or Kaya FX. If you have signed up for this fake app then your phone number is about to be distributed to some very sleazy sales reps with a strange accent and a stingy salary. These crooks are a part of a boiler room scam type of Forex operation which targets opportunity seekers primarily from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. So, if you are from any of these countries, we recommend you continue reading our detailed Bitcoin News Trader Review to get a better grasp of what you are getting into before joining this dubious investment platform.

Official Website and Login Link:

Viral SCAM Exposed With Evidence:
Here is the Bitcoin News Trader scam website and members area. A closer look will reveal a whole bunch of hype, and all of it is designed to get you signed up and depositing with a fake broker account.

Bitcoin News Trader Members Area

Here you will find the fake news article we were able to dig up. A closer look will reveal the links inside redirect viewers to the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM signal software. Again, the ripoff artists are exploiting the viral nature of Bitcoin and the fact that many people have actually become new millionaires trading this cryptocurrency. You can clearly see they write that a 15 Year Old Kid buys his mother a house after making millions of £ From home.

Bitcoin News Trader Fake News

Bitcoin News Trader Review: No, You Will Not Become a Millionaire Overnight!

The Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software is being very heavily promoted by a number of affiliate networks and media agencies which specialize if cryptocurrency-related schemes. The sales video talks about a “success formula” and a kind of secret system which grants you access to “high-quality news before everyone else”. This means they software generates signals and based on those recommendations you will need to buy/sell contracts and trade currency pairs such as USD/BTC or EUR/ETH. They say you only need to work a couple of hours a day to generate a significant income (£ 3,457 Daily). But that is a ruse and we don’t believe these liars and their thieving software.

Fake Bitcoin News Trader Reviews By Affiliate Sites
Its just how the internet works. Assuming you are not a heavily financed operation with seed money or an investor with deep pockets you have to operate as an affiliate and start generating sales. The way its done is by recommending software, but therein lays the problem. Affiliate marketers do not necessarily care about the quality of their products, they mostly care if they sell well. So obviously they are selling you dreams with the hope that you buy into their little story and invest. But that is both unfair as well as unethical, so be careful.

Bitcoin News Trader Review Summary
The Bitcoin News Trader SCAM is a nasty, viral, and dangerous scam designed to steal your money. The software is fraudulent and designed to execute losing trades, the brokers are liars and thieves, and the whole trading experience is negative. In a nutshell, please avoid the Bitcoin News Trader SCAM software and spend your money wisely.

Viable Alternatives (Yes, There Are Some That Work)
We were able to find a reputable software that actually works. We tried it ourselves and made consistent amounts of about £300-500 every day. If you wish to join and see what its about you can check out our detailed review below to get more details.

Crypto Advantage Software




Automated Crypto System Review, Viral Crypto SCAM Exposed!

Oh no! Automated Crypto System SCAM is getting viral because of fake reviews and many victims are complaining! Yes, you heard it right Our Automated Crypto System review will demonstrate exactly how this thieving viral scam works and why it should be avoided at all costs. But first you must know that we are not affiliated in any way or form with the Automated Crypto System app and fake Forex robot, and therefore our review is fair and completely impartial. So, why do we think its a scam? Simple, we were able to obtain information and hard evidence which led us to this much foreseen conclusion. If you don’t believe us and want to try your luck go ahead, but when you get ripped off don’t come crying because we won’t be able to assist you in getting a refund.

Official Website and Login Page:

SCAM Evidence
OK, so a quick look below reveals that the thieves promoting the Automated Crypto System scam software are basically plagiarizing and copying other software. That’s actually illegal not to mention unethical, and people pay hefty fines and even go to jail for copyright infringement.

Automated Crypto System Copied SCAM Exposed

But the most important piece of information here has to do with the simple fact that you are being instructed to use fraudulent software which simply does not perform. So yes, the promoters get their kickbacks every time you invest, but you get left holding an empty bag of peanuts and a light wallet. We know that some of you read some fake reviews or saw videos on YouTube which may say the opposite of what we believe to be the truth, so we decided to just add a video here for reference. It happens to be the only video available which actually tells the truth about the Automated Crypto System scam and how it works.

Automated Crypto System Review
The Automated Crypto System is a fake signals app and not even an auto-trader. They claim there is a trading algorithm and that the software trades on auto-pilot for you, but that is a lie. Our researchers found out this is a manual signals solution, which means you will need to sit on your back end and invest time as well as money trading Forex online and risking your money. If you are not ready for that then step away and don’t invest.

Automated Crypto System Review Conclusions
The Automated Crypto System scam software is already blacklisted by a few trustworthy websites, and we happen to agree with them.

Some Alternatives
We assume you are looking for a legitimate investment opportunity, so we made sure to have one ready for you. And yes, it actually works so feel free to take it for a test drive and see for yourself how much money you can really make using a genuine trading app.

Crypto Advantage




Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Getting Viral, Review Explains

While the price of Bitcoin may be slumping, con artists are still rallying around the concept of massive riches at the click of a mouse. Such is the case with the fraudulent Bitcoin Revolution SCAM software. The Bitcoin Revolution software, app, and fake automated signals systems was created by a European-based affiliate network which cooperates with rogue offshore brokers in what is commonly referred to as a profit or revenue share scheme. What does that mean? Well, basically it means that much similar to a travel agent who received commissions for referring paying customers, so do these crafty affiliate marketers. In essence, what we have here is a conspiracy designed to defraud and victimize innocent day traders and this scam is definitely getting viral.

Cloned Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Is Viral

Much similar to the Calloway Software scam, Bitcoin Revolution is also using the same concepts of hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money, fake testimonials, and inflated bank accounts. The objective of all of these aggressive, misleading, and deceptive advertising practices is to get the victim signed up and depositing with a fake offshore broker. Unfortunately this trend is not going to end or abate any time soon, but there are other various scams which are advertised as legitimate mining pools or ICOs, and they all end up being Ponzi Schemes, HYIP’s, or get-rich-quick schemes similar to Bitcoin Revolution.

Are you in the market for a legitimate trading app which actually performs as advertised? Check out our Crypto Advantage review and see how a genuine trading app performs!

Crypto Advantage, A Tested Trading App!

Serial Scammers Are Lazy and Plagiarize Websites
The Bitcoin Revolution scam is a clone and replica of the viral and well-known Bitcoin Trader SCAM which has been copied and used in various forms such as Bitcoin Formula, and Bitcoin Secret. Alas, the end of this story is known to all and the crooks operating behind the scenes and orchestrating this elaborate scam are known scam artists with a particular knack for thievery and deceptive online schemes. It is for that reason the entire online trading and cryptocurrency industry has blacklisted the Bitcoin Revolution software, and this should come as no surprise.

Viral Bit Me was created for your entertainment and does not own any of the videos on this site. Have a question or comment? Feel free to contact us.